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Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Comical - so keep watching !!!

I am starting to realize that we are some serious comedy for people around us … I am ok with that because I guess if you are looking close enough in in to our chaos you will also see our amazing Jesus … We are a messy mess and our family has its struggles and down days … We love each other and love doing a fun, crazy life together … We support each other and challenge each other daily … We try to point each other to Christ and learn lessons from our mistakes and failures … We try to be encouragers to each other and say kind words even when we grit our teeth as we say them (hee hee)  … Our socks don't usually match and we have at least one kiddo with a runny nose daily … We are loud and silly … We rarely have a meal where someone doesn't spill something … We tattle on each other because of course we think LIFE SHOULD BE FAIR, until we realize that the moment we tattle we see all of our mistakes in that moment … We can't walk from point A to point B with out at least one person tripping and falling and crying… We ask really funny questions ALL the time … Then we laugh some more … We fight bedtime every night, love chocolate chip cookies, and we LOVE LOVE LOVE big family breakfasts  … We talk about and get excited about family vacations and serving trips … We are memory makers… We live our life OUT LOUD, so feel free to watch -- please don't ever think we have it all together or can do it better than anyone else … BUT DO LISTEN AND WATCH CLOSELY TO SEE THE JESUS WE LOVE !!!

I have always taken to heart the scripture that talks about how we should be READY TO GIVE AN ACCOUNT / TESTIMONY FOR CHRIST … Our lives are a work in progress to point others to HIM and to love HIS children … We are simply imperfect people trying to share his MESSAGE of love and hope !!!

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Sherry said...

LOVE IT!! Yep - pretty much what she said :) Love knowing there are families like yours traveling a similar journey to ours. These adventures the Lord comes up with are AMAZING!! Couldn't have thought up so much crazy, messy, loving fun for my life if I tried!!