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Wednesday, February 26, 2014

No Matter What You Say …

There are going to be days that no matter what you say you can't convince your child OF THAT THING, you can't heal a hurting friend, or you can't take back words that have been said … I am a talker and love to communicate, but mostly I am a FIXER … I want to fix the situation, the person, the problem, the hurt, or the misunderstanding … Well let's be realistic and say that is usually NOT GOING TO WORK on most days … I have been facing an issue with one of my sweet kiddos that no matter what I say I can tell they just don't get it in their heart and believe it in their mind … I makes me sad as a mother that I can't convince my child in regards to this issue, but what Jesus is telling me is that instead of concentrating on the issue I should take my words to point them to HIM in a deeper way.   He will be the one my child can lean on when those thoughts or moments want to take charge … You know there is always going to be another problem, hurt, or spoken wrong, but if I can teach my children (and myself) to seek Jesus when those times come, we can all move past them quicker, forgive easier, and be thankful sooner …

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