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Tuesday, October 16, 2012

It Is Like The 4th of July !!!

As I am heading into my 3rd week of sign language and seeing my sweet Joseph just blossom, I feel like it is the 4th of July ... He is signing so much and I am trying to keep up, and the JOY of watching him sign and communicate w/ us all is MIND BLOWING ... He is such a smart and bright little boy ... He is a survivor w/ a heart of gold ... The way he loves is truly something to aspire too ... He just makes everyone feel welcome and accepted ... His classmates love him and are all picking up signs to communicate w/ him ... I ask that you continue to pray for me and the rest of the family as we learn this incredible language ... It is not easy and I feel like I have a million little SIGNS just running through my brain ... Plus if you have ever spent any time w/ the O TEAM then you know we work at the speed of light and w/ signing I am having to slow down our ROLL (hee hee) and really concentrate on what I can and need to say to JOSEPH ...

All the journeys we are taking w/ the LORD teach us about so many aspects of him - FATHER, HEALER, PROVIDER, SUSTAINER, FRIEND, CONFIDANTE, ALPHA, OMEGA, SUPERNATURAL, ALL MIGHTY, ROCK, and the list is endless ... Seeing all these sides and qualities of the LORD makes me determined and passionate about sharing him w/ others ... It makes me EAGER and TENACIOUS about the purpose MY FAMILY has to speak up for the last, the lost, and the least ... TO MAKE A DIFFERENCE IN THE LIFE OF SOMEONE who doesn't know all these things about Christ and for those who do know him then I want to show the LOVE of the FATHER as their brother and sister ... To share what God has given us w/ those who have NOTHING ...

I could go on and on and on -- because when I get this URGENT feeling in my soul I just have to SHOUT - use me LORD ... send me LORD ... work in me LORD ... break me LORD for what breaks you ...

My heart is actually beating really fast right now because I am pumped to be a DAUGHTER OF THE KING ... I am in his army and ready to do battle !!!

Scott always talks about how crazy we act at sporting events YELLING AND SCREAMING FOR OUR TEAM and yet when most people walk into a church they get all somber and restricted ... I just think it is cool to BE FREE TO WORSHIP ... that looks different on the outside for many people, but on the inside we should all be ROARING LIKE A LION for JESUS !!!

Joseph you have your mother pumped because of your success and determination to LEARN and COMMUNICATE ... but most of all your JOY KEEPS ME HUMBLED AND SEEKING THE LORD ... I want to drink up the SAVIOR and feel his presence in my life all DAY LONG !!!

seriously is there anything cuter 

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