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Tuesday, October 9, 2012


I get asked a lot - "HOW CAN I GET INVOLVED ??? " ... We are all looking for a purpose and helping the least of these -- THE CHILDREN is top on most people's list ... Most people asking us WHAT CAN I DO are not wanting to re-invent the wheel ... They wanna lock arms and hearts w/ someone they trust and know that understands the desire to HELP AND LOVE ...

Because both Suzanne and my family was there at one point  -- searching for something to do that would be impactful !!!  researching the greatest needs !!!  wanting to send funds to places we trusted !!!  praying God would lead us in our efforts whether big or small !!! WE CREATED 147 AND WOULD LOVE FOR YOU TO JOIN OUR TEAM/FAMILY as we ACT !!! 

I think we have created two amazing ways for you, your family, your small group, or sorority/fraternity  that would BE HUGELY IMPACTFUL and CHANGE THE LEGACY OF A CHILD !!!

check these out and pick one that would excite and motivate you to reach for the stars and dig in deep to the passion you have to HELP !!!

1)  BUCKET BRIGADE-  ( has all the information on how you can simply grab a BUCKET and begin a journey that will change the FUTURE of a village in Haiti !!! Remember the old saying "SEE A PENNY PICK IT UP" and watch it stack the bricks up! ( ok, so I made the last part up, but I am DESPERATE to build the LOVE+1 Clinic in Haiti) ...

2) 147 Event Kit  - simple !!! you buy 1 of the 3 kit sizes and then you host your own event !!!  The kit gives you items for people to see and touch ... YOU INVITE PEOPLE (who doesn't love to hang w/ friends and family) !!! You can then share your heart for helping provide FOOD, WATER, AND MEDICINE TO CHILDREN IN NEED and you can show a 147 video that is also on our website ... THEN ALL YOU DO IS OPEN A COMPUTER AND LET PEOPLE BEGIN TO ORDER ONLINE ... We will track your sales and then send the funds raised to the project of your choice listed on our foundation site !!!  EASY BREEZY !!

both of these options are simple and WILL CHANGE THE LEGACY AND FUTURE OF A CHILD'S LIFE ... you say you wanna help well here is a chance ... JOIN US !!! 

WE CAN NOT DO THIS ALONE ... I know GOD is knocking at many hearts right now to join this purpose of loving and caring for children ... We have made it easy in a very hectic and crazy world !!! 

Suzanne and I are just two moms w/ lots of kids, busy husbands, lots of homework, more doctors/therapy appointments than we can count and so many fun ball games to attend, but there is ALWAYS TIME TO CHANGE THE LIFE OF ONE CHILD BY TAKING ACTION! 


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DiJo said...

Hi Gwen!!

SO I am sitting at a dinner in Napa Valley last week, and your name comes up!!!!!!! Stephanie and Jim Lusher were on a trip with some mutual friends of ours from Nashville!!!! SMALL WORLD!!!!!

So I get out my phone and pull up NHBO to show Stephanie we are both contributors... :)

Hoping on one of my trips back to BNA, we can meet in real life!!!!!