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Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Honduras !!!


One question that was quickly answered upon arriving in Honduras was will my heart be as broken for the children and families of Honduras as it is for Uganda and China (the birth place of my 4 adopted Angels) and the answer is big ole YES ...

The gates opened at Copprome Orphanage and I saw the children running out from behind the gates of the orphanage my heart lept up to my throat ... The children were yelling RHONDA, RHONDA, RHONDA ... Rhonda is a 147 team member and our dear friend ... She planted her heart in Honduras about 2 years ago and the relationships she has made and the impact is quite astounding !!! Rhonda couldn't wait to show us all the changes that have taken place over the last 2 years and we are so thankful that 147 could be a part of it ...

We all scooped up a few children and began hugging, playing, and laughing ... Jeremiah and Suzanne could communicate the best w/ the little bit of Spanish they could speak ... But the universal language of LOVE is an easy thing to do ... It was probably our 3rd visit to the orphanage that the HEAT entered my heart as I just got mad that these precious children are there ... WHY ??? WHY ??? ... They are being well cared for and there are sweet people at Copprome, but NOTHING TAKES THE PLACE OF FAMILY ... We need to find a way to help these children - more education for them as they grow older so they can have a way to support themselves after they leave the orphanage (children at Copprome range from 2 - 19) ... We need to help support families in country that would like to foster or adopt children, but can't afford it ... We need more adoptive families from the U.S. ... We just need to do MORE in HONDURAS, in UGANDA, in CHINA, in ETHIOPIA, in GUATEMALA, in RUSSIA, in HAITI, in UNITED STATES, and the need goes on and on ... And we can !!!

With Rhonda's help we will impact Copprome in a REAL WAY ... She is our hands and feet there ...

I watched as our children pitched in - they played soccer, four square, hop scotch, drew pictures, played cards, and listen to a lot of ipod music ... And each day they hopped out of the VAN ready for more ... We made some life long friends at Copprome and I can't wait to announce the dates of the FIRST 147 SERVING TRIPS TO HONDURAS !!!! 

And when you go you can ask Rhonda about each child ... She knows their stories and knowing their stories is special ... It helps you to know how to pray and how to act ... As she would tell me each child's story it always made me think of Emily, Maggie, Joseph and Daisy ... It broke my heart to hear how they ended up an ORPHAN ... And it gave me RESOLVE to continue the work we have at 147 ... SPEAKING UP FOR THOSE THAT HAVE NO VOICE ...

The other amazing journey we took in Honduras was to MT. OLIVOS ... This is a poverty stricken village of over 27 families ... We got to see the RUNNING WATER that comes from the new WELL and we listen to TY (Rhonda's Brother) tell them about the LIVING WATER OF CHRIST ... It was such a surreal moment to see the sweet man rush to show us how to TURN THE WATER on and for the village children to run up and cheer w/ excitement ... You see a year ago this village was suffering w/ unclean water, people were sick, and not healthy ... NOW THEY HAVE CLEAN WATER AND THEIR FACES SHOW THE JOY OF THAT ... The next project on Rhonda/Ty's heart is to build a home for each family there ... They have gotten the government to agree to pay for 1/2 of each house and Rhonda/Ty/147 will raise the other half ... $2500-3000 CAN BUILD A FAMILY A HOME ... They live in broken tin/twig homes right now and the first house is already underway ... The men in the village are building it ... I can see the pride in their faces as they begin to rebuild their village.  They are showing their children and their wives they will support them and take care of them ... And we are also working on a project for the women to begin making something for 147 to re-sale for them and I can already envision the village in my mind with all the houses built ...

When we gathered in the center to hand out the food that we had bought in the market place for each family there was a sense of community ... It is never CHARITY, but one person sharing of their abundance to a brother or sister who is lacking ...  I see each home, each drop of water, and each bag of food as a way OF PREVENTING THOSE CHILDREN FROM BECOMING ORPHANS !!!  The family unit has a chance to stay strong ...

It reminds me of what KATIE said in her video about the scripture that says, "LOVE YOUR GOD WITH ALL YOUR HEART AND LOVE YOUR BROTHER AS YOURSELF" ... Then Katie follows it up w/ "MYSELF DOESN'T WANT TO BE HUNGRY OR THIRSTY" ... This is so prophetic !!!

I don't want to be behind the gates of an orphanage as an orphan
I don't want to live out in the elements with only a tin square and twigs to protect my family
I don't want to be thirsty to the point of sickness
I don't want to have a disease that medicine could cure, but have no money to buy it

All these situation could be you, your child, or your friend ... We are the hands and feed of JESUS LITERALLY ... We are here to help THE LEAST, THE LAST THE LOST !!!

Suzanne and I (and all of our 147 team/family) will continue to fight this fight ... I know many of you have already joined us and for that we are thankful ... Please continue to help us spread the word and together we WILL MAKE A DIFFERENCE EVERY DAY !!!

I want to leave you with this picture I posted on Saturday ... It was by far one of the most KNOCK MY HEART OVER experiences and it was all GOD ... As always Elijah is never quit where he is suppose to be and I saw that him and Annabelle had jumped a small ravine behind a little house ... I was yelling at them to come back to the group when Elijah said, "Mom- it is a picture." ... So I went over and what my eyes saw was HOPE ... There in the dirt was about 4 or 5 beautiful houses drawn ... They had windows, doors, a roof, and a chimney ... Everyone came over and we all stood in AWE ... We started inquiring who had drawn them when a precious little 9 year old girl came over ... She had drawn her dream !!! She had drawn homes for her family and others ... She has a dream and knows that it can come true because of the ONE house that has already been started ... She sees a future with love and promise ... Often times we think that people that live in poverty DON'T KNOW they are missing food, water, homes, or medicine, but THEY DO ... Their hearts know when basic necessities of life are missing ... We have a chance everyday to make a choice to do something about it ...

The precious girl in the yellow is the ARTIST !!

I am thankful for my time in HONDURAS ... I am thankful to be more resolved to ACT and SPEAK UP for all those that are hurting from lack of food, water, and medicine !!!

 buying LOTS of food in town 

turning the WELL on !!! 

loved sharing this w/ my big boys and praying their hearts are forever changed !!!

If you want to donate to HONDURAS projects go to or continue to buy from to help the 147 million orphans around the world .... 

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JT and Erin said...

Wow. The picture of the homes, took my breath away and brought tears to my eyes...which eventually spilled out onto my kitchen table. What HOPE this little girl has, and what an amazing opportunity to be a part of making her (their) dream (of a basic need nonetheless) come true. Continue to follow The Father's call, He's using you in such amazing ways.

Jenn Nahrstadt said...

SO excited to hear about the 147 serving trip!!! our family is going to WI this summer to assist teams getting ready to serve overseas, but this would be a great trip for us. my son knows Spanish, and we just need to get our passports updated.

excited to be able to direct my tip money from sbux to HONDURAS!

gwen, you and suzanne are like Nehemiah--God has given you a vision and you are doing a GREAT work. do not allow anyone to discourage or distract you, and do not come down from the wall!!

Stacey said...

I want to help. Praying about what exactly to do and gonna talk it over with my husband.

God stretch us this year!

Thank you for this post! Can't help but think of Psalm 23...
I will dwell in the house of the Lord forever.

Manifested houses in Honduras.

Yay God!