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Friday, January 20, 2012

Focus GWEN !!!

My question is why does it take me so long to get back into the swing of things after a serving trip ??? I have been home 4 days and still struggling to get in my routine, to sleep, to focus, and just get back to my daily life !!!  aaarrrrggghhhhh ...

I would love for you to share your PRAY DOWN THE NUMBER AT 1:47 requests with me ... This is such an important project for me and 147 ... It doesn't require anything of you, but some time w/ the LORD ... Don't forget to set your phones, your alarm, your computer, your clocks, and even write it on your hand!

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Bridgette said...

I think all of moms and dads waiting for their kiddos to come home from South Korea would love to be lifted up in prayer! I'm not sure if you have heard much about it, but the Korean govt. keeps delaying Emigration Permits, which the children need to come home. Last year, the EPs ran out so there is a "backlog" of children waiting for an EP. (the Korean govt. only allows a certain number of children to be internationally adopted each year and they are reducing the number by 10% each year) The govt. was supposed to start issuing EPs again in January and families have been patiently waiting since last summer/fall. Then they announced this week that they won't issue any EPs in January, but instead will start in February.

Obviously any family that goes into international adoption knows that the timelines can change at anytime, but it does not make it easier for all of the moms and dads that are watching their children grow up through pictures.

Any prayers would be appreciated on behalf of the moms and dads waiting to bring their treasures home from Korea! Thanks!! :)

(Our son came home from Korea in July 2011, and we feel so blessed that we got an EP before they ran out.)


I Love Adoption said...

Check out some blogs on's blog list. That is how I found yours. I cherish your blog, just as you cherish the comments people leave. I am not surprised you are having troubles getting back into the sleeping rotuine, so just hang in there!
God bless your family and all of sevice, inculding service trips!
Signed by:
I Love Adoption