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Saturday, January 28, 2012

Created For Care Conference ... Day 1

How I was blessed today at this conference by sweet women telling us that by sharing our life on our blogs they made decisions to adopt ... It is humbling, It is joy, It is ALL JESUS ... Our first day has been amazing ... Suzanne and I both spoke at a couple of break-out sessions and will do the same tomorrow ... We met so many new friends today ... I love the sparkle in a mother's eye when she tells her child's story of adoption ... It gives me the strength to keep on SPEAKING UP ... There is such a battle out there for the ORPHAN's HEART and we are the Lord's foot soldiers !!! The LORD is asking us to care for his CHILDREN ... HE is our friend asking us to help him love, rescue, feed, or adopt HIS CHILDREN that are in desperate need ... 

I am off to bed once again burdened for the orphans of the world and yet I have a JOY that is abounding because the 435 women at the conference will CHANGE THE WORLD !!! 

5 kind words.:

Shauna said...

Wish I was there with you girls. Love your hearts so much! Have fun. Squeeze some of my favorite people for me. :)

Mandi said...

Yes ma'am, I am a life that was changed by your story. Our family was forever changed by your encouragement. What a blessing to meet you face-to-face finally at C4C.

Missy @ It's Almost Naptime said...

I so loved seeing you and hanging with you last night!!

and my husband will love it when I act on your Bus advice. Bow chicka bow wow.

woosterweester said...

Gwen! I loved loved LOVED meeting you in the fitness room on day 1, though I about had a heart attack and fell off the elliptical!:) You are the real deal sister. I feel like I could just chill with you on any day of the week. Hoping our paths cross again one day, but wanted you to know what a blessing you are and a breath of fresh air. Your passion and authenticity are just what we need! Love ya girl!

paige said...

can't tell you how awesome it was meeting you at C4C & grabbing some red katie beads & several awesome earrings!!
praying at 1:47