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Wednesday, January 11, 2012

147 Million Orphans MINUS 1,2,3,4 CAMPAIGN

I know I get excited about all the things we do at 147, but this CAMPAIGN has my spirit in such a GIDDY mood !!! These two tees will SCREAM your story and your heart for adoption !!! The beauty is that anyone can wear this shirt ... You could be the aunt of an adopted child, the babysitter of an adopted child, the grandparent or friends of a family that has adopted OR a missionary on the field loving on children - NO MATTER YOUR CONNECTION TO ADOPTION you can wear a MINUS tee and share your heart for SETTING THE LONELY IN FAMILIES ... check out the 2 new tees and order yours today ... I WANT THE 147 MINUS SHIRTS TO SPREAD THE GLODE ... Standing together and Speaking a loud and clear message will change hearts and minds - IT WILL CAUSE ACTION!

As always each purchase will help provide food, water, and medicine to a child in need ... The TEES are also available to our adoption fundraising families ... CLICK ON OVER AND CHECK THEM OUT!

You pick the style, size and MINUS # that tells your story !!! 



2 kind words.:

skitkat19 said...

hey gwen! i have been following your blog for a while now but have never commented... :} i love and appreciate so much all the work you do with 147! i have two of the beaded necklaces and wear them all the time and get asked about them almost every time i wear them! i should keep some cards with your website on it to hand out when i tell people about 147! :) i am a grown adopted child myself and adoption is one of my passions. i LOVE love these new t-shirts!!! but i have yet to order a 147 tshirt because uh, i might be a little on the chubby side and i'm afraid the XL would run small and show off all my curves.... ;) are there any 147 shirts that run bigger? or is there any way to have them bigger in the future? - especially the "minus 1" shirts!!! thanks!! kathryn

"Are These Kids All Yours?" said...

LOVE THIS!!!! In case you don't get my facebook message I need an address to send a check to since our shirts will read Minus 9!!! he he he

LOVE you all!!!!!!!!!!!