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Thursday, December 2, 2010

CBS EVENING NEWS + PROJECT HOPEFUL (w/ a sprinkle of 147 million orphans) = MAKING A DIFFERENCE

This is a great segment and our friends Keil and Carolyn did an amazing job sharing their hearts for HIV orphans ... We are proud to lock arms w/ them at 147 Million Orphans and help change the lives of children ... Josie Love Mayernick - we adore you and you have opened our eyes to so much !!! 


2 kind words.:

Rebekah said...

I saw this on a facebook post and reposted it on my page. Praise God for those precious lives. We are waiting for a referral for siblings from Ethiopia...I used to pray that God would not ask us to parent HIV infected children. I was afraid of the stigma that our family would have to deal with. Stories like this have given me strength and courage to change the way I pray and the hopes that I have for children (our children).

Kristin said...

Wow! That gave me chills....thank you for sharing!