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Monday, December 6, 2010

Tell Me About You

It is this time of year when I reflect at all the amazing people God has placed in my life ... I would be honored if you would give me an update on your life or introduce yourself if you are new to my blog ... Share a prayer request or update me on your adoption journey ... I have run out of time to check blogs these days, and really miss peaking into your life ...

Thanks friends ! You bless me !

70 kind words.:

Cameron and Megan said...

We are newish followers. We live in NC. We became a family of 3 in January, when our we became the parents of our sweet son who was born in Ethiopia. We are waiting for our 2nd son who is in Uganda who we were matched with a 2 months ago.

PotterMama said...

I'm a new reader! My husband & I (& our three little girls) are in th process of becoming a foster home (in hopes to adopt, if God opens the doors). We hope to adopt from Africa in a few years, as he has placed a heavy burden on our hearts for Orphans and children with a need. :)

Joy: said...

Hi Gwen!

I am Joy. We live in South Carolina. My husband and I have two sons 13 and 10. We are foster parents through a Christian agency that serves our state DSS program. We have a 18 day old baby girl home with us right now. We are praying, praying, praying over this child's life. I love reading your blog. My husband is a science teacher and a coach. I loved showing him that we can do this too! Thank your husband for stepping up to share with the Dad's! Merry Christmas!

Joy K.

Jim and April said...

Well...tomorrow is exactly ONE month until Isaac's adoption finalization, which we are SO excited about! We plan on doing his baby dedication that weekend too! He is 5.5 months now and is such a joy! Cannot begin to describe the love we have for him. God has shown over and over this past year through Isaac's adoption journey that He is able to do immeasurably more than anything we could ask or imagine (eph. 3:20). We have a BIG desire for Uganda and Lord willing hope to start the adoption process again when Isaac is around 1, so in a half a year or so...of course that is just plans and we are SOO open to whatever God shows us! I have loved getting to know your family and suzanne's and so many others through this wonderful blog world! God first wrecked and broke my heart through Katie's blog and I've never been the same since!

Merry Christmas Gwen!

Kelly and Nick said...

Hi there Gwen! I am fairly new to your blog. I spent two months volunteering in Ethiopia as a physical therapist and fell in love. My husband and I have begun the adoption process and are loving all the great information from your blog. We'd love to have you follow along in our journey, too!


Marci said...

Hi I am Marci. My husband and I have 3 children and we are just stepping out to adopt the first time. We are getting started on our home study next month and hope to adopt from Uganda. We are praying for God's leading and just kind of waiting on Him to show us where He wants us or who the child He has chosen for us. Thanks for asking. :-)

The Perry's said...

I love reading your blog...actually don't know how I stumbled onto it, but glad I did. We are adopting from China. We've been waiting over 4 years, thinking it will be 2 more. My husband I facilitate the ADOPT ministry at FBC Hendersonville and are thrilled so see families grow through adoption. Thanks for always being such an honest look at the journey!

"M" and "C" said...

Just want to say hello and thank you for your blog and your willingness to share what God is doing in your life. My husband and I adopted two children in February, from Ghana. It has been beyond a blessing to our family! You can follow our journey at Although life is so busy now that I'm way behind! :) Charmaine

Andrea said...

My goodness, you will be reading for hours. :)
My name is Andrea. I have been following your blog for ...a long time. :) I have 4 kiddos, 2 bio ages 21 and 17 and 2 from Ethiopia.
We met in PA at the orphan summit, my husband and I were working with Carolyn at the PH table. I am the VA rep and working on the mission trip for April.
Our youngest has hiv, and PH helped us get him home. We spoke a little bit about him and his health.
Because of God speaking to my husband at that summit we are in the process of adopting again... I am praying that it's from China this time, but if not we're headed back to ET. :)
We have no idea how we are going to fund this adoption but we know He has this in hand, and He's been guiding our steps... with just enough light for the next step.
God bless you and your ministry!!! Merry Christmas to you and your family.
Thank you for being a blessing!

Serving the King said...

Hi Gwen! Well, let's see I like long walks on the beach, sushi, and my dog Skip. Ok, just kidding. I do love the beach, sushi...not so much...and I have no dog named Skip...nor any dog atall'. We are an Air Force family with four boys, and will soon be adopting two older kiddos, also boys, waiting on TA, praying like crazy to get on an airplane around Christmas time. We are just your average family, sold out for Christ and seeking His will in all that we do. (And lovin me some 147 million along the way!) And girl, if we bless you then you have no idea the encouragement you give to us! Be blessed! Sonia

Meli n Pat said...

We are Pat and Melissa. Both our sisters have adopted (one from china and one from ethiopia) and that opened our eyes to the plight of the fatherless. We had begun our Alaska to Africa Project to help my sister's adoption fundraising and it went so well we are still going, but sending the money to others (like Amazima)!

Rachel said...

We have emailed back and forth a little about 147 million orphans. Your husbands video was very encouraging to my husband. I am blessed and encouraged by your family and we just recently adopted 3 kids a little over two weeks ago. My blog is

Lisa said...

Hi Gwen! Love this idea and love following along with your blog! I'm Lisa, single mom to three (9, 6, and 4) adopted through foster care, one of whom is HIV+ and has a seizure disorder, one of whom has some ADHD issues, and one whom also has a seizure disorder. I'm additionally a full time Special Ed teacher. We're in process to adopt a special needs child from Hong Kong currently. Love my two 147 Million shirts! :)

Anonymous said...

I'm Lauren. 13 months ago, I felt the call to adopt. My husband thought I was crazy, until this summer when God told him that we'll be adopting from Rwanda. We jumped fully in and then Rwanda came to a screeching halt due to signing the Hague Convention. We're now just praying and waiting. I don't know anyone in person who has felt this call to adopt. My friends either ignore what has happened or tell me maybe we misunderstood and we should just have more biological kids because our one is so cute. Ugh! I get SO UPLIFTED reading your blog. Your family is gorgeous. I met you at T4A but was too shy to talk (which is completely weird for me... but I was so overwhelmed there I just kept to myself!). :)

Kim said...

Hello Sister..
Journey to Isabella is still on the go even though this year we have had some turns in our family..
John is gone and now it is just the kids and I.. Nick is still in Japan and loving the Marine life..
Colton is a Senior and KyLee a Junior.. We are patiently waiting on Isabella to come home to join our family..
Love you tons.. I totally get you are busy... and you are AMAZING..
Love ya

Treasures Evermore said...

Hi Gwen:

I have been lurking for a while as time is limited to leaving lots of comments. We still are enjoying all the wonderful things we purchased through 147. Anika still wears her t-shirt to school and she is still asked what the daisy is all about.

We are in the process of finishing our fourth adoption. Our new daughter was adopted to an American family in 2006 from the same orphanage as our two, and have now decided they don't want to parent we are adopting her. She is 11 and is now living with us on a visitors visa until the adoption is complete.

God has blessed us with seven children so far and we praise Him daily for his blessings poured upon us (even though we don't deserve it). We are so humbled that He has chosen us for this incredible journey.

Praying that you have a wonderful and blessed Christmas with your family. Continuing to pray for Maggie's healing.


Jennifer said...

Hi, Gwen. I found your blog a couple of months ago and am so glad I did. I love reading your posts; your passion for orphans is contagious! We are in the process of adopting two little ones from Ethiopia. We're still in the paper chase part, but are hoping that is coming to an end soon and we will be waiting officially. Anyway, thanks for speaking to my heart through your blog!

Alison said...

Hey Gwen! Love your blog! Love 147 Million Orphans and everything that ya'll do! Your family was definitely inspiring to us in beginning our adoption journey! We are on the AGCI waitlist for our little girl in Ethiopia!! Your passion for the Lord and for orphans is contagious! It has definitely rubbed off on this Mississippi girl! :)

Lyndsay said...

I got to meet you at Together 4 Adoption in Oct. My hubby and I have 4 bios and are adopting a beautiful little girl from Ethiopia who is HIV+ We are the California associates for Project HOPEFUL who has been awesome for us during our process. I know you love Miss Carlyn too! We did a video about our story, and I happen to be wearing a really cute shirt :)
the post is our story so far.

Abby and Pete said...

HI Gwen! I am new, sort of. I am on the wait list for a little one from ethiopia. adopting with holt international. and all I want for Christmas is a 147 million orphans shirt...hope santa comes through! love your family and journey.

MamaMimi said...

That's where you're wrong Gwen...YOU bless ME! I am fairly new to your blog but I just LOVE reading it (but I'm sorry if I don't comment enough).

I am a busy SAHM to a two-year-old boy who looks just like his mama and acts just like his daddy. We are #9 waiting for our princess from Ethiopia and are excited to see her face and travel to her birth country! I am/used to be a hairstylist...a career you can never retire from because you always have family who dislike paying more than product cost once they're used to it ;)

Yvette said...

So glad to meet you. My name is Yvette. I have peaked into your life on and off for about a year. I look in and wonder what it would look like for me and my family. I try not to be envious, but I often fail. My heart will break and I have left my computer many times with tears in my eyes...wondering if our family will ever have the courage to do something sacrificial for the weak, poor, defenseless, desperate... My heart has been moved. However, my husband is a very different story.

However, maybe he isn't ready because he can see that we are barely keeping it together as it is. We have a very strong willed little girl that has demanded our attention and drained our energies. We love her to pieces:-)

Anyway...I could say more, but I really just desire your prayers. I don't know many people that have adopted so I continue to take sneak peaks into the lives of others via internet and pray that God will continue to move me....and my wonderful husband.

I will be praying for you and yours.

Cindy said...

I am a lurker on your blog. We bounced back and forth between Uganda and Ghana for adoption #2. We ultimately decided on Ghana as the right fit for us. We also have two bio boys and a daughter from Ethiopia.
Anyway..there I am...out of lurkdom.
Love your passion. Thanks for having it!

Amy said...

Thanks for asking! I've followed your blog for well over year. We've been home for 4 months with our 4year old son from ET. Would love prayers for our transition .. has been quite tough .. though we're seeing a glimmer of hope. Blessings to you and all you do. Such an encouragement!AmyE

Kim said...

Oh ... I miss you too!
Just got home from a mission trip to Cambodia. Feeling broken and blessed; emptied and filled; hurt and healed.
We are staying in Hong Kong for the holidays. Excited that my Mom is coming over to celebrate Christmas with us.
Looks like our two year Asian Adventure is turning into a three year assignment!
More to come ...
Love & Blessings,

Much Ado said...

Hi Gwen, Just posting to say I love your blog and you are such an inspiration and encouragement. I love your heart for orphans and your positive outlook - you are such a blessing.

We adopted our precious daughter from China in 2009 (after a 6 year wait) and are now applying to adopt again from China SN - so excited to be traveling this road. God is so good.

May you have a wonderful Christmas with your precious family.

Carrie said...

Ahh and your famiy have such full, busy lives, and very blessed ones too. So sweet of you guys to check in.

We have had some scares with our kids, but they are great. Our Elena has been home 3 years from Guatemala, and our Moses a little over a year. They are such a huge blessing.

I do have a prayer request...
We know God is placing another adoption on our hearts from Ethiopia, and for me to stay home. If you saw our financial situation it seems impossible, but I just feel a great peace that God is going to make it happen. It is hard to wait and see how and when.

I pray Joseph and Daisy are adjusting well, Maggie is healing and the rest of your children are in good health. May God bless your Christmas!


Jim and April said...

p.s. forgot my prayer request for ya...

Since God broke our hearts and started laying adoption on them a year ago, from the very beginning before I even knew about the country or anything else, He placed Uganda strongly on my heart and now its getting stronger and stronger and I feel He may be wanting me to go on a trip there to help in some way...i am willing...but I am praying to make for sure His hand is in this and that He would guide me in to exactly where and what and when b/c i dont want to do anything on my own plans, i want them to be His plans using me to do His work!

Kimberly said...

Hey Gwen!
I'm Kimberly Morrison - I started following your blog in August after someone posted Katie's on FB. We've never been so broken, destroyed, ruined for the lousy American dream that we'd been pursuing... Anyway, my husband and I are going in March with VO to Uganda. We know that He's calling us to make a very serious life change and I can't wait to find out what exactly that looks like for our family.
As I've been following your blog I've just been amazed at how God is working through you all. Thanks for being a voice!

Kristin said...

Hi Gwen - I have followed your blog for a while now and we are also fb friends. I have just arrived home from Ethiopia with our 2 newest additions, an 8 and an 11 year old boy. They are grieving big time right now so please, we could use your prayers!
God bless you and all that you do for Him!
Kristin @

Deena / TEAM MARQUIS said...

I have been following your blog since I was just another gal cruising through blog world learning about the beginning, my husband was NOT on board. I loved your inspiration (and necklaces, tshirts, etc.) and it helped me to remember that His timing is what I needed to wait for. It is funny to think that at one point I emailed you to see if you would consider letting us sell 147 shirts as a fundraiser (we never did, but you have sure come a long way with your goods!). Fast forward and now we have our beautiful three year old daughter home from Ethiopia, and she is doing amazing!!!! We brought her home this summer and I have to tell you, my husband is the biggest fan of adoption, Ethiopia and especially the incredible little girl that we brought home. Her name is Grace (her Ethiopian name -Hiwot- means "life", so Grace Hiwot was such a perfect fit...she has lived such a grace filled life so far!.
Thanks for the inspiration and amazing work you do Gwen! - Deena

julia @say you will love me forever said...

i'm not sure how i found your blog but it was about a year ago and i have been so encouraged by you. me? well, we have 3 bio children (i kind of hate that "bio" term but haven't found a better option...") and adopted our 5 yr old son last summer from china. we are in the beginning stages of adopting a 2nd time, 5th child, from china/special needs again. prayer requests? the immediate one is that we are on hold w/everything until we get our illinois state clearance. the word is that they are 3 months behind. a classic "adoption paperwork nightmare" situation. god's timing is perfect, right?!

Kristin said...

My name is Kristin. I don't comment much but I do keep up with your family and your "work". My husband and I are not so patiently waiting to be chosen by a birthmom for a domestic adoption. I keep trying to figure out if we're doing the right thing (domestic vs international vs foster to adopt) because it has literally been two years since we officially began. We have 2 bio kids and want to add more to our quiver. It just seems to me that we would have been there by now, but I am not losing hope. I am praying God will continue to be so clear in His instruction to us that we can't help but be on the right path to the children He wants in our family. I have a blog that I have started and stopped and started again (haha). I can say though that through all of this, I have changed. My priorities have changed and I can see that now. So this waiting has been good! Thank you for helping to open my family's eyes!

Liberty Ruffles said...

We "met" via email a few months ago. We have plans to adopt next year. Right now though we are trying to buy a house. This is the first step and adoption is the next. Specifically we are trying to buy an old small church building and turn it into a house. We chose this because the price is cheaper than anything in this area. But we are having problems getting a loan for something so unconventional. This is the last week we have to get financing before they pull the contract. I BELIEVE we are supposed to live here. Please pray for wisdom and guidance for this particular bank to see how they can help us.
Thank you,
ps my husband is sick of seeing the same 147 shirt on me. i guess its time for a new one!

Shauna said...

Hi Gwen! I have commented on here before but I always love to know who reads my blog so I thought I would comment here again.
I am a fellow UG adoptive mama and I am leading a team of 7 awesome, amazing, God-fearing ladies to love on the kids of Uganda in Jan.
My Mother-In-Law has a small orphanage in Kampala (moving to Jinja on Friday) and I am helping with adoptions (yay)!
Prayer request: That God would lead this trip and that He would be glorified through the whole thing!
Thanks! :)

Jana said...

I found your blog when I found 147million. We are at the beginning of our adoption process...still sending in inquiry paperwork to agencies. Hope your sweet family has a wonderful Christmas season!!

Shonni said...

I always enjoy your heart for the children!!!
I would love prayer as we are in the process of bringing home two sn children from China. Number 2 was a surprise from from the LORD (Yea), however, we are really asking the LORD and seeking for the additional money needed for two! You can see their little faces here
if you would like!
Thank you again!!!

Jenn in GA said...

nahrstadt family update: God has provided for us over and over and over again throughout this past year, praise His Holy Name! bob has seen the restoration of a cherished relationship that had seen conflict, and has had steady work since he started his company a yr ago sept.

i continue to love on people one cup at a time at starbucks, and enjoy helping others learn how to make cards. read part of radical, but had to put it down--so intense. read the power of a whisper by bill hybels and am seeking to be wide open to hearing what God wants from me. still pondering the adoption thing. friends have new organization: Reclaim Orphans. will have to get you two connected!

16 yr old son michael...we're still in prayer that his mustard seed of faith that was planted when he was 5 will sprout and grow. he is a great young man, even tempered et al, but want to see God become Someone he pursues.

thanks so much for asking!

Gena said...

I don't have a blog, but follow your blog from Emily Alexander's blogroll. They adopted through Gladney as did we and Moody is our son's orthodontist. I will be married to my sweetheart 34 years in Jan. We have a 27 yr old daughter (domestic adoption) and a 15 yr old son (home from Ethiopia Jan. 08). Older child adoption has it's ups and downs, but we truly felt God's leading in it. He funded all of it for us. Our prayer request is that our son will someday soon become a believer.

Zach and Emily said...

Hi Gwen, I have been following your famliy ever since we decided we too would adopt from Uganda. I searched for Uganda adoption blogs and was blessed by coming across yours. It has been 9 months since we began the process. We are in the torturing stage of waiting FAR too long to find out who our beautiful child will be. We are hoping to be traveling to Uganda some time around March. I want to thank you for being an example of a Christian mom and wife and the wisdom that you have shared with us through your blog. It has truly been a blessing in our process. I actually used a picture of you and Daisy in our fundraiser video last night and was able to share your wonderful story with my friends and family. Thank you again for all you do for the orphans of the world.

Brandi said...

I've been following your blog since this past summer when I was at the Atlanta Airport waiting on a friend who was returning from China with her daughter. At the same time, a family was returning from Africa with their son and I saw a woman wearing an 147 tee. I loved it and googled it. My husband and I have two bio daughters and adopted our son from China in Oct. 2009. My eyes have been opened and share with you to be God's hand's and feet here on Earth to help the orphan. For me God sent a friend who had adopted from China, then our family saw the need, now we know another family will be bring their daughter home from China in a few months, and another family has just completed their homestudy for a domestic adoption for ANY child needing a family. God is working. Thanks for your blog.
Brandi-Savannah, GA

faith lyon said...

Been reading your blog for about a year now, found you through Jamie Ivey. Today, Dec. 7th is out "Gotcha Day" 1 year anniversary of our daughter Gwyneth Leting Lyon. She has a funny and spunky (aka stubborn) spirit, and my heart already wants to do it again.

We also moved from Austin right after we got back from China, and now live in the bay area (which I am trying my best to like). Anyway it has been a hard year of family transitions and your blog has been encouraging and I visit often to see what God is teaching you.

I love 147 Million and have a shirt and LOVE to wear it as much as possible. Our family's webpage were I try to keep people back in Texas with as many pictures of the kids and how our life is going.

Thanks again for sharing your life and passion to follow Jesus and live a radically different life!
in HIM

Bridgette said...

Hi Gwen! I'm Bridgette, one of your adoption fundraising families! I grew up in Brentwood and now live in Atlanta. My husband and are adopting from Korea and have been officially waiting for 16 months and a few days. Our adoption agency, Bethany Christian Services, is estimating an 18 month wait from approval to referral, so we are getting closer. Although as you know, with adoption you just never can quite predict the timing. We are looking forward to the day that we will see our sweet treasure's face for the first time.

God bless!

The Ferrill's said...

Hey friend! I'm hoping Maggie is doing okay after her surgery? Been thinking of your sweet girl!

We are all good at the Ferrill household...just living life; loving Jesus; trying to keep our heads above water; hoping to make a difference in the Kingdom!

BLESS YOU SISTER! I know exactly what you mean about not having time to keep up!



Jennifer said...

Hi Gwen, I'm not sure now how I found your blog but I love to read all the latest on 147 and your kiddos. That Maggie is just an amazing little warrior. I've been praying for her recovery this week. Hope you're finding time to rest and be with Jesus in this season! Merry Christmas to you and your family!

Lilly Kate said...

you have 6 kids I can see why you would run out of time. Did you like your little home makeover? I want to see pictures. My friend just came here from AL ( prayers are welcome and I'm sure she would love that) and is on her third adoption and it will be a little girl from China! How's Maggie? Does she feel better, Is she at school yet? I hope she liked my painting and I hope you and your family have a wonderful holiday. You are in my prayers.

Lilly Kate

Naomi said...

Hello Gwen,
I have been a silent follower for over a year and I am not sure if I have ever commented! I recently bought two t-shirts from you and some necklaces... love it all!!

Anyway, I am a Brit, married to a NJ boy who is a Pastor. We have been church planting (Calvary Chapels) for the last 8 years. We moved back to NJ in April, leaving my beloved homeland, the Lake District in England behind and now we are on a new adventure. My husband, Jeff is now working for an organisation called the Joshua Fund for an author named Joel Rosenberg and it is the biggest adventure so far!

We have three bio children, 12, 9 and 7 and a little girl we adopted from China last year who is 2. We love her more than words can possibly express!I recently lost a baby boy in August at 18 weeks pregnant and it has been so hard but the Lord is so good!!! We also had a house fall through and we are still living at my in laws as we wait for God's provision. We really sense the Lord is calling us to adopt again especially after losing our baby and I know it is not healthy for me to have another baby, (I had ovarian cancer when I was 30 and only have one ovary). We are seeking the Lord as to where to go next but feel strongly drawn to either ET or Uganda.

I think my prayer request would be to sit down and have a cup of tea with you (and a slice of cake, I love cake) and a chat about Uganda and glean as much info from you as possible. But since I live here in NJ and you are there in the south, I shall pray instead that perhaps one day when you have time, you would consider doing a post about why and how the Lord led you to Uganda and how the process works. I know a lot about China but very little about Uganda!

Well I think that is probably way more info than you asked for..... and who said that the British are reserved? Ha, ha!!

I do have a blog but it is private.

Blessings to you and your family and I encourage you to continue what you are doing!! you are such a blessing.


Stephanie Deal said...

My name is Stephanie. I'm a 20 year old college student who is in love with missions and children. I love reading about what God is doing all around the world and love hearing of His faithfulness to His children. Hopefully one day, I'll be able to adopt but for now I follow as God leads in supporting, encouragin and praying for those adopting.
PS- I'm recieving a 147 million orphans t-shirt for Christmas & can't wait to wear it. My necklace is a HUGE hit every time I wear it. Blessings & Prayers!

mamamargie said...

My mom and her siblings were foster children and I was very close to my foster grandmother. She put a seed in my heart at a very young age. At 25 I took in my first foster child and was so thrilled to be able to introduce her to my foster grandmother who told me, "You will never regret this."

I adopted that little girl and later an older boy who had lived in a group home. And then when I was thirty, I adopted a husband! :) Together we have fostered six girls, three of whom we adopted in January of this year. We are hoping to start the adoption process again this January.

Just got into blogging in July of this year and have been so blessed by it. It's so wonderful to meet people who have the same passion.

Love your work with 147!

Heather said...

I'm Heather from Southern Illinois. Not sure exactly when I started following your blog, but it's been a while. My husband Paul & I adopted our daughter, Zoe Gwen, from China in January 2005. Hard to believe that she's 7.

We enjoy following along side your family as you advocate for orphans. 147 has become part of our everyday language as we share your mission with others. Blessings to you & your family this holiday season & always.

Leigha said...

Hey Gwen,
i've been following you and suzanne for about a year. We are travel buddies with the Mihnovichs, so I found your blog through them. Love your gear, especially the necklaces. I give them away as presents and tell anyone who comments on them to go to 147 and buy one. I have 4 sons, one bio, one from Colombia and two from Ethiopia and we are in process again in ET adn praying about sn needs. Where he leads I will follow.

Emma said...

hey Gwen,
i found your blog a few months ago and i just love it! i am nineteen and love reading your blog, i find it so hopeful and encouraging - so full of joy and love for the Lord.

*Overflowing* said...

Great idea sweet friend! I have been praying for your precious family and just LOVE seeing all the Lord is doing! We have been home for 12 weeks now with our newest miracle from China. Solomon is doing fabulous. We are beginning his medical journey & are very hopeful it will all go well. All of our kiddos are madly in-love with their new brother. All is GOOD! Thank you, Lord!

Cate said...

My name is Cate. My husband and I live in Oregon, and I've been following your blog since just before you brought sweet Maggie home.

We are currently expecting our first baby after a whopping four months of marriage. I'm 37, and I've wanted to adopt since I was in high school and worked in an orphanage in the Bahamas. We will adopt in a couple of years, and I look forward to my "coat of many colors" family.

Sam I Am said...


You are a blessing to us all! I have been following you for almost a year. God has put in my heart to adopt and He has starting placing the desire in my husband's heart as well. We just had our 7th baby (all biological) so we will likely look into a domestic adoption since most countries do not adopt to large families. My husband, however, has always felt a tug for domestic and God has a plan for us. We plan to start the process once this new baby is 8 months old. I love my 147 t-shirts and love reading your posts. God bless you and Merry Christmas!!!

Susan said...

Hello Gwen!
We are scrapping our way to our little girl and little boy waiting for us in Ethiopia. We are striving to come up with the money to fully accept them as our referral off the waitlist. Praying daily for their hearts and their hope and praying that God holds them in His hands while we hold them in our hearts! Thanks for letting us share! Praying for your family.
Susan Allee

Wynne & Stephen said...

hi Gwen! We met at T4A in Austin a few months back & about 5 minutes after my husband & I got done chatting with you he told me that during worship at the conference, God broke his heart for orphans and he knew - that day - that this is what God has called us to do! praise the Lord! So we are just starting the paperwork to adopt from Ethiopia! I have ordered 147 gear for all of the women in our families for Christmas & can't wait for them to proudly wear their gear :) Thanks for all you do - we will continue to pray for your family and for the work that yall are doing for the Kingdom.

Deb said...

HI! Love following along. I'm a so-far-single mama to two beautiful treasures -- one from the Chicago area and one from Uganda, just home. I love reading along with the adventures you and Suzanne have. What fun! (Wish we lived closer!!) Many blessings on you and your beautiful family.
Deb, Seth and Leah Grace

Laura Kelley said...

Fairly new to your site. Really enjoy it and all the 147 products. We are fellow Tennesseans on the waiting list for our 2nd son from Ethiopia. Prayers and blessings for your family.

Megs said...

Hi Gwen! I've been reading for a year or so and want to sincerely thank you for your blog, your encouragement, your willingness to take action, for 147 organization, all of it, you are an incredible, inspiring woman. I live in Memphis and am in medical school. I will adopt one day and am praying & waiting to begin that process!! I just love that you and your sister are working together to make a real difference. I recently made my first purchase of 147 gear to give out as gifts to my friends/family and I'm going to include a letter that explains your organization and what introduce them to you and Suzanne's blogs so they too can be inspired! Thank you again for everything you do!

Lori said...

Gwen, I saw a link to your blog on a friend's FB post almost a year ago and soon began to notice people wearing "147" gear almost everywhere I went in Franklin. I then started reading your blog, unsure of why God had brought this to my awareness. I had many reasons why we cannot adopt, but started praying for God to lead our family. I also started "visiting" other blogs, including Ordinary Hero. Long story short, my husband and I have just started conversations and trying to discern "next steps." My kids and I volunteered with OH for the Christmas stocking project, and I am praying about going with OH to Ethiopia in July 2011. Thank you for your faithfulness and boldness...I praise God for the way He uses you to educate and inspire others. Continuing to pray for Maggie and your family!

Dave and Angie: said...

Hi Gwen and precious family,
I have been following your blog for about 2 years and am so encouraged by your love and walk for the Lord.
We will be traveling to meet our son and daughter in Ethiopia in Jan. and God willing, bringing them home in Feb. or Mar.
So glad Maggie's surgery went well!!
It was fun to hear of your son's bb success with Shaq in the crowd. That is pretty amazing! We are also a bb family. I love the 147 message being shared at all the games!! Keep up the voice!

Kristen said...

you already know the me from high school but so much has changed AI feel like a different person. We have three sons Carter, Coleman and Connor. Carter (6) is unique and kind hearted. He is autistic and genius. Coleman (4) is tough and sweet and independent wrapped into one. He has a form of dwarfism and gets a growth hormone shot every night, he calls then superman shots. and Connor is 18. We adopted him over a year ago. He has had enough life to last 3 life times and has become a Christ follower this year and a member of the National Gurad too. I am so proud of my boys.

Our Bigg Family said...

Gwen, So encouraged when I read your blogs. Even through the struggles you keep it real. It is awesome to be able to connect with others whose hearts ache for the fatherless and share the same burden.
We are #74 on the waitlist for AGCI Ethiopia program. We are adopting a little girl. Our journey with AGCI begin in June of this year. But my heart was led to adopt many, many years ago.

Thank you for taking a stand and providing away for others to help as well!!! Our family loves to wear the 147 gear. Keep on doing what your doing for the kingdom, girl!

Jenn B. said...

Hi Gwen,
I'm Jenn and I just want you to know what a blessing your blog is to me. I have been reading it since about this time last year when my life was turned upside down after reading Katie's blog start to finish over a few days. I found your blog through hers and eagerly await new posts from you each day. I love your heart for everything in this world and that which is to come and I am inspired by you in so many ways. My husband and I have 4 bio kids and will be beginning the adoption process in January of a little one from ethiopia. As a busy mama of 4, trying to raise my kids centered on Christ, I draw so much strength from your words and attitudes in the easy times as well as the hard times. You and your precious family are always in my prayers and I laugh and cry at each new picture, post, and update that you selflessly share. Many Blessings to you this Holy Season!
Jenn Blake

Sara said...

I've been reading since August when my husband and I decided to adopt from Uganda. We're done with our homestudy and USCIS forms and waiting. Our first referal was for a little girl - her name meant Song - who died from an infection that was made worse by being HIV+. We're still sad and grieving her loss, but trusting God has a plan. We're praying about adopting a set of twins, hoping God can work out the details, but waiting and open to whatever comes our way. I enjoy reading your story!

V said...

Hey Gwen, My husband and I are in the process of adopting a 1 year old boy from Ethiopia! We have our first court trip in Jan :) We also have a 2.5 year old biological son, and plan on adopting from Ethiopia for our 3rd child as well!

Polly said...

Hi, still following your amazing journey. Finally finished our profile stuff for domestic adoption. Our well froze last week and we were without water for a few days. An inconvenience turned into a major blessing because now we are committed to raising $ for a well in Africa. When we reach our goal we're planning on taking our children with us to see the fruits of their labor. Blessings,

Colleen Jobe said...

Hey girl! I am HOME from Uganda (arrived home on Oct 29th) with my Joseph and my Mathew! Thanks for asking and for all of your encouraging words on your blog!
Lots of love,

Anonymous said...

Hi Gwen, I am an long time reader. I first talked with you when you started your first adoption process(2004). I thought we would travel together, but I missed the cut off by one day and traveled the next month. I always enjoy your blog, it is so real you always tell it the way it is. Sometimes this is hard. We also went back to China a 2nd time for our newest daughter, this year. She is such a blessing. We went the special needs route this time. I wasn't sure if we could handle it or not. I think someone upstairs was looking out for us. Because once we got home and had her tested- There is no special need. It was such a wonderful blessing. We are all transitioning well. She has been home 6 months and is 6.5 years old. We also have two older boys who are just awesome kids. Keep blogging.