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Saturday, November 27, 2010

Ready To Get Out Of This Carnival !!!

So last night Scott came to the hospital to sit with Maggie for a bit, so I could run home and take a shower and love on the kids (Joseph / Daisy are a bit snotty, so they can't come to the hospital) and I think I just hit a moment in the car by myself when I realized that my cup was empty and cracked.  I felt Jesus holding it together and filling it up drop by drop ... I was trying to figure out why I was feeling like this and on the verge of falling apart, when God gently showed my life at the CARNIVAL the last 8 months - Trip to Uganda and all the emotions of leaving Joseph/Daisy there, home for Maggie's surgery, back to Uganda to bring Joseph/Daisy home, the off and running for 4 months w/ 6 kids, school starting, doctor after doctor for Joseph plus weekly Vandy visits for Maggie, running 147 w/ Suzanne, and now back to the hospital with Maggie ... It is like being on a roller coaster then jumping off to run to the free fall ride and then sprinting to get on the tea cups, only to then be in line for splash mountain ... IT JUST ALL CAME INTO VIEW LAST NIGHT ... and I was listening to one of my favorite songs while this little movie played in my head ... THERE IS NOTHING GREATER THAN GRACE

I hope it will give you a bit a comfort and peace like it did me ... Felt like it was my ticket to get out of the CARNIVAL and just BE !!! I am not even sure how I could have handled any of this w/out Scott ... He has been amazing ... When I call him this morning he was at home making breakfast for the kids ... I laugh all the time and say he is a much better dad to 6 kids than he was to 1 ... He was so nervous about everything w/ Jeremiah and now he can run the show all by himself .... I LOVE YOU HONEY !!!

Can't wait to share w/ you about my mini home make over my friends did to my house while I have been  at the hospital ... I don't think there is an emotion out there I have felt in the last 72 hours - fear, peace, humbleness, joy, sickness, laughter, weariness, alone, gratitude, relief, love, and so much more ...

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Mom to 9 Blessings! said...

You just described my last five years. I finally exhaled two months ago. Seven adoptions in five years and all that comes with that along with finding Jesus and giving our whole lives to Him. You could say this has been one ride after another and by the way I HATE rollercoasters!

So glad you are feeling His peace today and know the road ahead is blessed by our LOVING GOD who has gone before you.

I don't know what I do without my Scott either. We are so richly blessed to have them Gwen. My Scott is the glue to it all. He points us all to Jesus daily and loves us so good! He is out with 8 taking a big hike around the property and neighbors too so I can have a little quiet this morning. GOD IS GOOD all of the time!

Love you friend and praying with you! HUGS! Jill

Love the song too - thanks for sharing!!! AMEN! We are NEVER alone and His grace is completely SUFFICIENT!!!! It is what holds me up every day!!!

Kim K. said...

Thinking of you and all your "LIFE". Continued blessings to all special kiddos. Extra hugs, Gwen!!!

"Are These Kids All Yours?" said...

Praying God's spirit would continue to uphold you. Fill you to overflowing....and bring peace to your wonderful family!

Christy J said...

Love that song as well. God knows all of your emotions and He will carry you through it all. Praying especially for sweet Maggie.

mamamargie said...

I'm glad God pulled you aside for a minute and let you feel His arms around you. Sounds like you needed it. Beautiful lyrics to this song. Thanks for sharing!

Julie said...

I am totally feelin' ya girl..I just expressed similar feelings in my last post. It has taken family and friends to continually remind me of the things I know, but needed to hear whispered to me over and over again. Praying for peace and rest for you and your family!

Leigh Ann said...

Thinking of you all!

Laine said...

Praying, Gwen! I'm so thankful the Lord brought this song to affirm His love and care for your family during this time! He is SO WONDERFUL in EVERY aspect!
I hope Maggie is not running a fever anymore! Godspeed home! I know it's hard to have your heart in two places!



Lilly Kate said...

i hope you liked my painting and your amazing. my mom has you same bible study book in the last post. we just got back from Alabama and i hope you guys had a good hospital thanksgiving.

Lilly Kate said...

love that song. i hope maggie didn't have an infection. sorry i accidentally hit enter and had to do a new comment. point of grace are the people that wrote my bible study!

Anonymous said...

Gwen -
I know you are so busy but the difference you guys are making with 147 is huge. I was reading People Magazine and there was a feature on a mom who adopted 6 HIV positive kids on top of her 7 other kids - and she had a 147 bag sitting on the couch next to her in the photo. People like her and you give inspiration to the rest of us.

Blessed Mom of Four, Now Five said...

Oh, Sweet Gwen, I LOVE that song. My sister and I are practicing it to sing at church. It has brought such encouragement to me.

I understand those carnivals. We brought home Ellie AND Brandon joined our home at the same time. I added a 2 year old and a high schooler, active in football and soccer at the same time...lots of medical visits with Ellie, legal work to get guardianship of Brandon.

Sometimes, Jesus says Be Still and Know That I am God.

Please pray as we move forward to adopt the little boy I showed you the photo of. WE need to find favor with the CCAA to get pre-approval...our paperwork is almost ready. We should know in about 2 weeks!!!!


Erica said...

I needed this. Right now. More then you'll know. Thank you. Love you friend. Praying for you. :)

taralee815 said...

Praying for little Maggie,and praying for her mommy too. Hang in there!