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Thursday, February 18, 2010

Heading Out To NORMAL, IL ... Connecting Hearts With The Forgotten

Check out our website for more details on the conference Suzanne and I are speaking at this weekend along w/ our sweet hubbies ... Marianne and Lisa (and I am sure many others) have put so much of their heart into this weekend and wanting to help others find their way to SPEAK UP FOR THOSE WITH NO VOICE ...

or you can go to  .... IF YOU LIVE ANYWHERE NEAR THIS AREA PLEASE JOIN US !!!  We will be bringing all the 147 gear !!!

Suzanne and I are humbled to be used in this way ... We are Two Families trying to live out the word of the Lord ... We fail miserably on most days, but we try to let the Lord shine through and show HIS glory ...

I ask for some special prayers for my heart at this time ... There is so much going on in my heart and I can feel God preparing us for many new journeys and some definite BLIND leaps of faith ... Love You All !!!

8 kind words.:

"Are These Kids All Yours?" said...

Will be praying for other's hearts to be opened by CHRIST!!!!!!! Praising God for your speaking & testimony. :)

Jim and April said...

Thats awesome! Hope it goes well and you all bring much awareness to everyone there! :0)

Unknown said...

My prayers are with you friend!

I need your help on something - please email when you can.

Love you!

Abigail said...

Praying for you, and everyone that will be at this conference...wish I could be there = ]


Amy said...

Oh I was born and raised in that area- I will tell all my friends!! Where are you going to be?

jill funkhouser said...

We will keep the prayers coming. You'll kind of be in our area. Looks fun. Have a great time and you guys are such great mothers!

lisa Kindred said...

She is going to be speaking at Christ Church in Normal. LIsa Kindred

Julie said...

Come to KENTUCKY!!! Praying for you!!! Julie

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