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Thursday, March 13, 2014


My sweet friend Tracy Mihnovich shared this on fb and it has be shared MORE AND MORE !!! We are the hands and feet of Jesus … It is up to us NOT TO QUIT … To be the SUMMER for a child that is lonely and hurting and stuck in the dark !!!

Watch this and be challenged !!

ReMoved from HESCHLE on Vimeo.

Saturday, March 1, 2014

day 27, 28, 29

Well computer trouble, life and just being honest some really heavy cravings have gotten to me !!! It has NOT BEEN my best showing … I have gotten my cardio in, but also some pizza and donuts while celebrating Elijah's birthday … I contemplated NOT telling you, but I am writing this blog as a way to hold myself accountable and to try and NOT SABOTAGE my efforts for the long run … I will get back on track tomorrow and I will push forward and not beat myself up about my mistakes … NO day goes perfectly and I just simply STUNK it up … I was actually pretty sick THIS  morning from all of the THAT type of food, so I am definitely excited about getting back to my program !!!

Wednesday, February 26, 2014

No Matter What You Say …

There are going to be days that no matter what you say you can't convince your child OF THAT THING, you can't heal a hurting friend, or you can't take back words that have been said … I am a talker and love to communicate, but mostly I am a FIXER … I want to fix the situation, the person, the problem, the hurt, or the misunderstanding … Well let's be realistic and say that is usually NOT GOING TO WORK on most days … I have been facing an issue with one of my sweet kiddos that no matter what I say I can tell they just don't get it in their heart and believe it in their mind … I makes me sad as a mother that I can't convince my child in regards to this issue, but what Jesus is telling me is that instead of concentrating on the issue I should take my words to point them to HIM in a deeper way.   He will be the one my child can lean on when those thoughts or moments want to take charge … You know there is always going to be another problem, hurt, or spoken wrong, but if I can teach my children (and myself) to seek Jesus when those times come, we can all move past them quicker, forgive easier, and be thankful sooner …

Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Comical - so keep watching !!!

I am starting to realize that we are some serious comedy for people around us … I am ok with that because I guess if you are looking close enough in in to our chaos you will also see our amazing Jesus … We are a messy mess and our family has its struggles and down days … We love each other and love doing a fun, crazy life together … We support each other and challenge each other daily … We try to point each other to Christ and learn lessons from our mistakes and failures … We try to be encouragers to each other and say kind words even when we grit our teeth as we say them (hee hee)  … Our socks don't usually match and we have at least one kiddo with a runny nose daily … We are loud and silly … We rarely have a meal where someone doesn't spill something … We tattle on each other because of course we think LIFE SHOULD BE FAIR, until we realize that the moment we tattle we see all of our mistakes in that moment … We can't walk from point A to point B with out at least one person tripping and falling and crying… We ask really funny questions ALL the time … Then we laugh some more … We fight bedtime every night, love chocolate chip cookies, and we LOVE LOVE LOVE big family breakfasts  … We talk about and get excited about family vacations and serving trips … We are memory makers… We live our life OUT LOUD, so feel free to watch -- please don't ever think we have it all together or can do it better than anyone else … BUT DO LISTEN AND WATCH CLOSELY TO SEE THE JESUS WE LOVE !!!

I have always taken to heart the scripture that talks about how we should be READY TO GIVE AN ACCOUNT / TESTIMONY FOR CHRIST … Our lives are a work in progress to point others to HIM and to love HIS children … We are simply imperfect people trying to share his MESSAGE of love and hope !!!

Thursday, February 13, 2014


This may not interest any of you, but I have started a new blog about my HEALTH transformation … I  didn't want it here because this is my LIFE JOURNEY and one day I hope my sweet children will enjoy reading about our lives from my eyes and heart at the OATSVALL TEAM blog, but I was in need of some changes and challenges in my health … So if you are interested you can follow me here for my cellular health transformation …