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Wednesday, October 30, 2013


OK, so let's just say that this morning did NOT go smoothly … Basically, Daisy wanted something that she could NOT have at the moment … I simply explained that we did not have enough time before the bus to do what she wanted and that we would do it after school … She then proceed to scream my name (about a 1000000xs)  and repeat how she WANTED IT and WANTED IT NOW … My answer of "no, but later" was NOT acceptable to her … She banged on my door screaming my name, she followed me around the house as I gathered the other kids things and REFUSED to take my answer … So as any good mother would do, I explained in a calm voice (if you believe that one I got a island to sell you), but seriously I let her know that now she would NOT be getting what she wanted this afternoon now either because of her behavior and her refusal to LISTEN to me (the person of authority - I pointed that one out to her also) … So as my angel got on the BUS with unkind eyes and a few tears left on her cheeks, God (was so kind and timely) to point out how I act JUST LIKE THAT SOMETIMES … He reminded me of my daily REFUSAL to accept his answers and his words for my life, my choices, and my decisions … He painted me a picture of MYSELF going around kicking cans and rocks in the dirt w/ my hands in my pockets SULKING because HE won't give me what I WANT … I began laughing at my situation and how my difficult moments w/ my children always remind me of how I do the same to the LORD … It helps me to parent w/ GRACE (maybe not in that moment, but I definitely was kinder when Daisy got home) … lol … God showed me how sometimes he furrows his BROW at me for not learning my lesson the 1st, 2nd, or 3rd time … HE laughs when I keep KNOCKING on the door demanding things, when he has already told me the answer …  THE ANSWER THAT IS BEST FOR ME (see the parallel - I give Daisy answers that are best for her and YET she refuses to listen) … So life lesson - if I as an adult struggle w/ my selfish mess and the LORD still gives me LOVE & GRACE then perhaps my frustration level with my kiddos could use a little more LOVE & GRACE (cause in reality DAISY IS JUST FIVE) … hee hee

I am always so thankful for the little stories that GOD plays in my mind, so that I can be a better wife, mother, or friend … He is an AMAZING ABBA FATHER and even when I pitch a fit he loves me with GRACE and sometimes just sticks me in the corner of LIFE in a little time out.



 and so have GOD AND I !!! 

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lizzielou said...

Oh I just love this! Thank you for sharing Gwen! This is so true and just gave me new perspective. YAY!

Margie said...

Ohmygoodness! This was so like my talks with God after I have parented an out-of-control child. Yes, God has a lot to teach us!