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Tuesday, November 12, 2013


A trip to Honduras, my phone breaking, our 147 Fundraiser, a rough day with one of my littles, Elijah preparing his first devo for the family, and so many others … So many moments in our day can give us an ETERNAL or EARTHLY perspective on the moment - IT really is our choice on which one we choose to concentrate on … Honestly wish I could say I choose the ETERNAL perspective all the time, but I don't … And the silly thing is the moment I choose the EARTHLY perspective I know I have chosen wrong (for that I am thankful) … God is shaping each of us all day long and we can go forward and backwards so many times in a day and YET HE IS STILL THERE WAITING AND WANTING TO SHAPE US FOR HIS GLORY …

I guess my challenge to myself and you is to STOP and really try to make more choices for the ETERNAL perspective … LOOK not at the big picture, but the only PICTURE and that is CHRIST … He works all things to the good of those who love the LORD … SO whether it is another 7 day stay in the hospital or a brand new job it will be more clear when we LOOK at it with perspective of ETERNITY !!! I speak with experience on this - I have spent many nights in the hospital w/ my sweet girl wondering why did this happen to her and so mad at the people who hurt her, but in those moments I hear God telling me that this time with her alone is precious and bonding … Our hospital time helped her to understand what a Mommy means … It allowed me time to meet all her needs and to show her what LOVE was … Maggie and I grew together on all those hospital visits and I know it is because of that isolated time together and ME never leaving her that she was able to believe she BELONG to her family … So you see PERSPECTIVE is so important and can change how any situation is viewed … It is a gift from God and he lets us CHOOSE how we will view all the moments of our life … I WANT TO CHOOSE THE ETERNAL PERSPECTIVE MORE AND MORE AND MORE !!!

just a little nugget from from the past … love how this angel has changed me !!! 

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"Are These Kids All Yours?" said...

AMEN SISTER! Some days we get stuck on our Earthly perspectives......and it just feels hard. So glad God's grace allows us to have a HEAVENLY perspective....when we keep our eyes on HIM!