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Thursday, August 15, 2013

Working On Myself !!!

I am a few days away from beginning a new school year ... 3 different schools, my first high schooler, and a need to give myself SOME focus ... I don't want to just put a bandaid on it, but really want to find a plan to give myself a LIFT spiritually, physically, and emotionally ... I  have begun some new healthy habits that are beginning to make me feel better physically, and now I am going to re-dedicate some time / focus on my daily devo time (it has slipped so bad these past few months) and I am beginning to feel the desert in my spirit ... I know that if I can water my soul and my body then my emotions will heal themselves ... Does that make sense ??? !!!

So many times MOMs can give everything they have and then even squeeze a little more out that by the time they realize they are dehydrated on every level it may be too late ... DON'T LET IT BE TOO LATE for you ... Stop and figure out what you need in the Lord to replenish yourself and then take care of your body so that your mind can be clear to HEAR & SEE ALL THE BLESSINGS OF LIFE ... choose to serve yourself a little so that you are prepared for SERVING THE LORD A LOT! doesn't that sound joyful !!! be purposeful for the LORD !!!

when and where do you want to do your quiet time ??? when and where can you fit in some exercise ??? when and where can you find 5 minutes of quiet ??? how can you get your family involved in fun / engaging activities together ??? how can you find time for date night ???


the list is something I am asking myself also and working toward some balance for ME !!! 


2 kind words.:

Cheerful mum said...

hi, you are always an encouragement to me x

Mama Ds Dozen said...

"I know that if I can water my soul and my body then my emotions will heal themselves"


I spent the month of August on a FUN cross country road trip. While it was restful and relaxing for the kids, this Mama came home TIRED from driving 8,000 miles. (no hubby on this trip) I played catch up for the month of September, and now I am exhausted and nearing burnout . . . but working hard to stay up on homeschooling. Yikes!

Yes. I need TIME and QUIET with the LORD.

(Just catching up on your blog after not reading many blogs for nearly 2 months.)

mama of 12