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Thursday, April 25, 2013

Hair !!! Over It !!!

Can I just tell you I am COMPLETELY over doing my girl's hair in the morning ...NO JOKE ... It requires 4 different brushing utensils, 2 different styling products, and the tackle holds I must preform to get the girls to be still so I can brush their hair is RIDICULOUS ... WWE has nothing on me ... I can preform a leg hold on my girls that would make John Cena proud !!!

They really don't like bows or hair stuff in their hair except to CHEW ON, stick in their bags, lose or play with like a toys !!! (so much wasted $$$ on that stuff)

OVER IT .... just sayin ... SHOUTING MY FRUSTRATION at this moment ... I don't like the tears, the whining, the arguments, etc ... not a way to start my day or theirs !!!

ANY IDEAS ... and if you say PRAY  ( I already do that) ... Don't ask me to sing to them either (can't carry a tune) ... And if you say let them do it themselves (I will scream) My girls are VERY self sufficient, but that is not an area they have succeeded in ...

So bring on the advice (and remember I have 6 kids and we are on a shot clock in the morning to get out the door to school - so don't give me some hour long solution - hee hee )  !!! Also we have sensitive scalp / bald spot on Mags, THE TIGHTEST curls know to man on Daisy, and dry scalp like the dessert on Em ... just keepin it real ... SOMEONE HELP A SISTA OUT !!!

My 3 feisty angel girls !!! 

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Jenni said...

There is something called a miracle brush... Supposedly works on every hair type. Maybe this would help some. I'll get the info for you... It's pricey, but my friend swears by it!

cari said...

you are not alone! i have 4 young girls and i'm a big fan of short SUMMER CUTS!! i really don't like hair stress. hope you find a solution. post about it when you do.

Mama Ds Dozen said...

Homeschool? :) pajamas . . . messy hair . . . that is what our family is all about in the mornings

Maybe Daisy is ready for some Yarn Braids. It takes a LOT of time to put them in . . . but then you seriously don't have to "do" her hair for a couple of MONTHS. Yarn Braids transformed our hair time for my cute little African girls with the TIGHTEST curls ever.

Also, Yarn Braids are GOOD for their hair. They are a protective style which actually helps the hair to grow better and stay healthy.

If not Yarn Braids, than you really need to find a style that you can keep in Daisy's hair for a week at least. For my girls, at least, it just isn't good for their hair to be combing/brushing it every day.

Your other girls? No clue. You're on your own. I don't have any sweet little Asian girls. :)


mama of 12

Stacey said...

Have you tried one of the leave detangler sprays? I'm not sure how it would work on Miss Daisy but it should work well for your other cuties. I use it on my daughter and it's eased a lot of the crying and whining :)

Sarah said...

I have zero suggestions, but that picture is priceless. LOVE!

kippi said...

How about hats??? Really I have no idea how to help you. My bro in law started doing his girls hair a few years ago cause it was overwhelming to mama - they have nine kids and 5 being girls.

Karen said...

Sorry....I am NO help! I had 3 boys and kept their head buzzed for YEARS! :-)

I will however pray, right now!

Donna said...

I'm not sure how long Daisy's hair is now, but I suggest doing her hair once a week. It is amazing how well their hair will stay in place. You can even wash it while it's braided, plaited, etc and it will still look fine. For the other two I would suggest a quick pony tail or braid. I have found that fixing their hair from the time they are little really helps on them knowing how to sit still. Make sure you are only fixing one girl's hair at a time, without an audience so they are not feeding off of each other. Make it their special time alone with you, even if it's in a locked bathroom for 2 minutes! When we had bi-racial children (foster care) I did sections of their hair at a time, so I could rest and they could too. Section off the hair and do the bottom half and then take a 5-10 minute break and do the top half, etc. Hope this helps!

Mama Mimi said...

For dry and sensitive scalp I seriously recommend the Mastey Traite will feel in the texture of it out moisturizing it is. It comes out almost like a conditioner. SO helpful. And a soothing scalp treatment wouldn't be a bad idea. Check out the Malibu brand, they have one for a dry scalp (I actually just did this on myself...recovering from winter here). It comes in a little packet and you mix the powder with your shampoo and leave it on for about five minutes. I won't say it will cure your morning frustration, but will at least help with the scalp stuff you have going on.
For sweet Daisy's tight curls...if you are having a hard time styling it every day I would totally recommend getting it braided. It should last you about a month (maybe longer since her hair is so tight...I don't know cuz my girl has 3c/4a hair and Daisy's looks a lot tighter). Then all you need to do is spray her down with a moisturizer in the morning...which will cut back on a lot of time.
Hope that helps!!!

Kellie said...

There is a fabulous product called The Original Sprout. I love it! It has done wonders for my Hope's hair. The detangler is amazing and the shampoo/conditioner are so gentle. You can find them on Amazon.
As far as making it easier, I have to braid my daughter's hair wet every night before bed. She is a rocker, so her hair gets DESTROYED otherwise. So, after bath, I braid her hair and put her to bed with it damp. I brushes out much better in the morning.

by the way, your girlies are adorable!! Well, all of your kids are!


Leggio said...

Lol just read your comments because our little princess that we brought home from china a year ago doesn't like her hair done and pulls everything out of her hair even those rubber non slip ones. But her scalp is super dry too and all I did was rub coconut oil into her scalp and it helps. May make it a little greasy but iit works for the dry scalp plus you can cook with it. Lol so it serves two purposes

Tony and Heather Snyder said...

Could you make a "special seat" for their hair, with a few books that they can only flip through while doing hair. We have a "no food until completely ready" policy to get us out of the house. I would have Daisy's hair braided if I were you. It should stay in for a while, or at least limit it to every few weeks. They could get a chance to comb it while helping another child get ready and then when a timer goes off or you come back to the bathroom/their room they are done and it's your turn. That way they can practice but don't have final say. We make detangler with warm water in a spray bottle and some conditioner. Works great on my bi-racial cuties. And saves a TON. We also deal w/ multiple combs. There might not be a way around that one.

Anonymous said...

one word....BRAIDS! They will hold for a good 3 weeks if not more!

Anonymous said...

I can only possibly help with the straight hair. I loved my daughter's long hair but at the beginning of this school year, she decided she wanted to get it cut and the drama in our house was cut in half getting ready for school. There are still times I look back at pictures of my daughter with long hair and I kind of wish she hadn't gotten it cut and then I remember how much more peaceful our mornings have been and it is all worth it. It's short and straight and easy and she brushes it herself and puts in a clip or headband and sometimes smoothes it down with some water if it's a little wonky. I love how cute she looks in her little short haircut! A happy girl is an adorable girl! And makes me happy too!

connie said...

Girl, I don't have much advice but can I tell you that is the most adorable picture ever?!?
All I know is straight hair, and to make life easier we let bangs grow out so we can just pull hair off the face. That's about the best I can do. My teen Treasure does all the fancy stuff on the girls' hair, not me.

Nakisha Guzman said...

S & E Hair Braiding on Jefferson street-you'll love them! Also try Kinky Curly products at Target (read the jar (s)). Talk with Kristi D. Johnson (Lucy's mom/Kelly Putty's sister). I have 5 daughters and well, hair combing is what it is when you have ethnic hair. Do it at night, tie a scarf/do-rag on it and hope for the best in the morning! Headbands are amazing too!