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Thursday, February 21, 2013

i have been CLEANING TOILETS most of my life

You ever have those moments when you are doing something and it just FLASHES a memory so clear that you actually feel like you have transported back in time to that EXACT moment ???  Well, Monday I was cleaning toilets (NOT MY FAV JOB) and I had a flash of when I was in elementary school and I was helping my parents clean some office buildings ... I think about all the lessons my parents taught me and one of them was how to WORK HARD ... My parents got married really young and had to work hard to provide for our family ... They both worked hard manual labor jobs and on the side they would take my little brother and myself with them at night to clean office buildings ... We each had a job and mine was helping to clean toilets (and it wasn't fun then either - hee hee) ... Monday when I was cleaning toilets and had the flash of memory I laughed OUT LOUD at how funny life can be ... There are a lot of hard things in life I don't like doing, but I do them anyway because HARD WORK is something that just has to be done sometimes ... I think about the hard jams that have come our way over the last 10 years and how we have persevered as a family because we DON'T THROW IN THE TOWEL ... We don't GIVE UP ... AND WE TAKE GOD AT HIS WORD and move forward ... The JOY that comes from walking in the hard places with the LORD is indescribable ...

I love to LAUGH ... I can find humor in almost any situation - kids blowing snot on me, having a child spill a drink when we have run out of time and must go, sticky fingers on my white coat, the word MOM COMING out of little mouths at warp speed, forgotten PROJECTS and late night trips to the store for supplies, loud screams in a room full of quiet stares from strangers, kids eating boogers or putting them on a sibling, the completely in appropriate fight between my children in the grocery store and CLEANING TOILETS ... this could be an endless list!!

We have to laugh in life or the tears will come (not that tears aren't sometimes needed), but we have a choice everyday on how we want to attempt to FACE the day ... I want to take JESUS into my day and laugh with him when things get hard and PUSH through ... You see I got tested 5 years ago and it was MAKE OR BREAK time ...  What kind of person I was gonna be ??? Would I fight or flight ... Would I believe GOD'S PROMISES or wouldn't I ... I dug down as deep as I could and I found a strength that only comes from the LORD ... It changed my life ... I won't ever go back !!!


have a blessed day all !!!

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Anonymous said...

The day you wrote this is the day my daughter and husband picked up our new little grandson :-) Thank you for your part in making this was a GOD THING.... and we love Cai Tariku Henson:-)

Mama Ds Dozen said...

Love this!

mama of 12