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Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Love My Life ... all of it !!!

I am so thankful I don't know what is around the corner ... I think of all of the days, moments, and experiences I would miss by knowing to much (such a sweet gift from the Lord) ... I just really wanted to update you all on the Oatsvall family life ... 

DRUM ROLE PLEASE .... My sweetie has gone into full time Church Ministry and YES, that makes me a PASTOR'S WIFE ... I will take your prayers starting now !!!!  hee hee ... I guess the one thing I can guarantee is that I will be who I am and no title will change that ... Although, I have had some sweet friends poking fun at me and telling me, "Oh Gwen you can't do this or that now that you are a pastor's wife and we will pray that you are more this or that."  Gotta love some funny girlfriends !!! I am who God created me to be ... 

This new journey will surely "ENLARGE OUR TERRITORIES" ... prayer of Jabez 

Jabez cried out to the God of Israel, “Oh, that you would bless me and enlarge my territory! Let your hand be with me, and keep me from harm so that I will be free from pain.” And God granted his request.

I know God never wants me comfortable or complacent ... I live on a roller coaster and when I say oh please just let me get off, then I always have someone to remind me that I WOULD NOT LIKE IT ... I love that people can see my light from the LORD and know that I WANT WHAT HE WANTS !!!

I think of all the hidden treasures I find in my husband and children each day ... I am so thankful I am LOOKING these days ... There are some really hard days and I know in the midst of those days that I am right where God wants me ... You have to choose to love and choose serve!!! Why ELSE ARE WE HERE !!!

I am watching Joseph blossom before my very eyes ... I see him GIVE OUT JOY to everyone ... I watch him learning sign language so that he can grow and give to others ... He loves his class / teachers and watching them love him back does my heart so good ... I am beyond blessed and feel like I can call JOSEPH  a miracle ... His first two years home we still had not locked the doors to help him communicate - tons of speech therapy, a whole summer of sign language, neuro appts., audiologists appts. and yet there was just NO LIGHTS coming on ... AND when he started Kindergarten it was as if LIGHTENING STRUCK, THE RAINBOW CAME OUT AND THE SEAS PARTED !!! It all clicked ... I could just cry thinking about how far we have come since August ... I think about the weekly sign language classes I am now taking to keep up w/ him ... And he is KICKING MY BOOTY !!! hee hee ... He is one big shining star !!!

I could tell you a hundred of my stories about how my life is as crazy as it is and some days are really difficult  - BUT IT ALL BOILS DOWN TO ONE THING -- I WANT WHAT GOD WANTS FOR MY LIFE ... Do you ???  Are you ready to jump off the cliff and live uncomfortable and not complacent ... DON'T WAIT - gooooood day, just put down that WHATEVER  is bogging you down and toss it to the side!! Get in prayer and ask THE FATHER to show you where HE wants you to change lives for the KINGDOM ...

Scripture tells us "WHAT EVER YOU DID FOR THE LEAST OF THESE YOU DID FOR ME."  How simple is that ... You wanna do something for Jesus then HE is telling you how ... 


2 kind words.:

"Are These Kids All Yours?" said...

Praying and thrilled for your family!!!!!!!
You don't have to change any more than any one of us needs to change!! It's true. I need changing, but not to please others that is for sure. I could never try to keep up that kind of charade.

YOU ARE PERFECT FOR IT- because that is what God has ASKED OF YOUR FAMILY!!!!! :)


Hive for the Home said...

Oh Thank You for being You!!!! God knew you before you were.... and He knows you now.......He knows who He has called and the number of hairs on her head! I am so grateful to have had the opportunity to spend last weekend at created for care. I worked with some special momma friends fund raising through 147 for their adoptions. I love what you guys are about!!! It is my it is yours. But I was so encouraged by your honesty and humor! (I tell ya....some days...nothing gets me through like some humor!!). Continue to BE REAL....BE GENUINE....and.. BE SINCERE. These are the qualities that people seeking Jesus will follow...because the world offers only the opposite.
~Amy Rotger