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Thursday, November 15, 2012

The Church is a HOSPITAL (so to speak)

As we are working at 147 to raise the funds for medical center (aka Hospital) in Haiti and my families new church launch is approaching, I keep seeing the parallel between the church and a hospital ...

Places of Healing 
Every person working there is important
Brokenness is welcomed and expected 
 healing doesn't work on a time clock
No one is turned away
It is a place where people share their secrets
Telling the truth is critical to the healing process 
People from all colors and socio-economic backgrounds gather together
It is place of birth
People disagree 
There is always change 
People leave 
People return 
Serving is NEVER done 

It is important that we all find our place to serve so that we can help others heal.  I am a firm believer that serving others brings JOY AND A HEALING ON ITS OWN ... We have the ability to shape our own lives by following Jesus's example of service and love ... Make yourself small and HIM BIG ... One of the reasons this Medical Center is so important to us is because there are children dying, sick, and lost ... I have seen sweet faces mirror some of our own sweet babies ... I think any one of those children needing IMMEDIATE care could have been my child ... I would want someone to help my child (wouldn't you ??? )  ... This medical clinic will not only heal their bodies, but help to heal their spirit ... IT WILL SHOW THEM THE LOVE OF CHRIST IN ACTION !!! 

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