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Thursday, November 1, 2012


There are many things that I feel like I should be used to by now AND I AM NOT ... so I was thinking today and it hit me it is probably a good thing that I am not !!!

What if I got used to people saying - "Are any of the kids yours?"

What if I got used to people saying - "I could never do what you do."

What if I got used to the mounds of laundry each day

What if I got used to people staring at us everywhere we go

What if I got used to Maggie saying "Mommy I want you"

What if I got used to Elijah's constant questions

What if I got used to Scott kissing me before he leaves in the morning & first thing when he gets home

What if I got used to people asking us to share our story

What if I got used to Emily correcting my sign language skills

What if I got used to starving children

What if I got used to Daisy infectious smile

What if I got used to people dying for lack of clean water

What if I got used to people needing meds when none are available

What if I got used to watching Jeremiah make shots or score TDs

What if I got used to Joseph learning sign language

COMPLACENCY can be really scared thing ... It kills the spirit and makes you deaf to GOD'S whispers and calling ... Even the things that annoy us and make our bellies get a fire in them keep us on our toes ... We need to be prepared for battle at all times ... We need to have a voice that spreads the good news of Christ ... We want others to see the glory of the LORD ... He has asked us to be his hands and feet ... If you are complacent then it is like sitting on your hands w/ your feet tied together ... I am the mother that screams with a passion at the games for all the kids playing ... I am the mother who listens to Elijah's questions and thinks about how God created that amazing brain to wonder ... I am the mother who cries every time I see a child in need ... I am the mother who may or may not have grace when a person asks me an insensitive question regarding my children ... LIVE LIFE ALWAYS !!!

So when life seems weary or things are just getting on your nerves ... When life is like a big JOYOUS rainbow then be THANKFUL for both sides --- it is these emotions of weariness and joy that keep you feeling all that GOD has and reminds you of his strength, love and power !!!

SO BE THANKFUL ... You are not used to the repetitive things in your life and that IT CHALLENGES YOU EACH DAY TO THINK about others, think about change, and be active in the life you leading for the LORD !!!

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Mama D's Dozen said...

GREAT post!

Reminded me of shortly after we brought our 3 kids home from Africa. One of our girls was really bothered that "everyone stares at us". I assured her that it was not necessarily the fact that we had African children. No. People have been staring at our family for many, many years. Let's see, I think the staring began in 1989, when I had 5 babies under 5 years old . . . or maybe it was in 1987 when I had 3 babies under 2 1/2. People were staring at us long before we had 10 bio. children . . . which was long before we added 3 African children. Keep staring, world . . . we have nothing to be ashamed of. We are just doing what the Lord has called us to do. :)

I launched a new Ministry Blog this week: . Hope you'll check it out.


mama of 12

Deb said...

Thanks Gwen...I needed this today! Took today off to hang out with Courtney....she will be walking those roads in Uganda in less than two months!!! :-) Love you!

Kim said...

Amen sista!