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Saturday, June 9, 2012

Words will come later ... Haiti

The best way to describe Haiti for me is JOY and DARKNESS ... So many are working to bring light to that darkness and when they do the JOY SHINES ... I am still processing many things and will post more later ... I can't say STRONG ENOUGH how we must pray daily for countries who have a strong evil presence with voodoo, witch doctors, and those bowing to the one WHO HAS ALREADY LOST .... We can not pretend not to know - we must fight from our living rooms, from our places of work, and from our churches to free children from the bondage of evil and rise up soldiers to fight ... I met some mighty warriors in Haiti and I have definitely signed up to be on their team to battle for the hearts and souls of Haiti ... RESPIRE HAITE and MY LIFE SPEAKS are doing GOD'S WORK !!! 

3 kind words.:

David and Marianne said...

Love how you put the dynamics of Haiti into 2 simple words. I felt the same way when I was there in March. I was overwhelmed at how their physical need symbolized their spiritual one.

I was feeding a baby who was extremely malnourished and was filled with the verse when you saw Me hungry, you fed Me. And later, as I taught the orphanage nannies how to study the Word, I was struck by their malnourishment spiritually even though they were believers, they could barely walk out their new life in Christ for lack of the cleansing power of the knowledge and understanding of His Word, the Bread of life. I sensed God carrying on the theme of "hunger" throughout my week. And ultimately, heard Him whisper the passage of Jesus asking 3 times, whether Peter really loved Him. And Jesus' answer, "Then feed my sheep".

I felt compelled to come home and tell anyone who would listen that if they have the gift of teaching and preaching... please consider Haiti. To please consider investing in pastors, young men and women who can grow the Church in Haiti in discipleship and strong, sound doctrine. And out of a healthy Church arises the Spirit filled ability to care for their people in every way.

Praying for 147's impact and guidance and ability to influence SO SO many for His Kingdom! Love you sister! So thankful for you : )

One of your IL sisters,

paige said...

amen sister!
i see jesus in you!

Wendy said...

You don't know me but I follow your blog. I know a physician who I have been praying for. He is in Haiti now, performing cardiac exams. His name is Frank Smith from Syracuse, NY. God Bless you for what you are doing.