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Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Haiti video and intro. our NEW SONG ... join us ... be a part of the LOVE+1 PROJECTS BY 147 Million Orphans

The way to shine LIGHT into DARKNESS is by loving people, meeting their needs, and proclaiming Jesus ... That is our goal w/ the LOVE+ 1 PROJECTS by 147 Million Orphans ... be a part of 147 and together we will be the CITY ON A HILL THAT CAN NOT BE HIDDEN ...  Join us and build a kitchen and clinic w/ a pharmacy, dental practice, urgent care, birthing center, and surgical room...  donate at or buy at the store at ... We are some determined mamas and we want to effect change in places where children are hurting ... We have the tools, the people, and the knowledge on the ground to get these projects accomplished ... We just need to raise the funds now ... And that is the easy part because where MUCH HAS BEEN GIVEN MUCH WILL BE REQUIRED ... The O team already has a check ready to give ... I can't wait for the first patient to be seen (only God could send a architectural designer - specializing in third world design) to the exact spot in Haiti where a clinic is needed and he be willing to build the school (that is almost done) and stay as long as needed till the clinic and all other projects are done ... GOD SPOKE AND PEOPLE ARE LISTENING ... will you ??? thanks for always praying for us in my home and at 147 ... As we grow closer to the LORD and follow his plan for our lives the more attack we feel ... We will fight against it as we battle and know the lives of children and loving on them is far greater than cowering back and doing nothing ... blessings !!!

WE prayed over the land and claimed the clinic in the NAME OF JESUS 

The school is almost done and it will be so easy for the kids and their families and the precious children that are RESTAVEKS (child slaves) to come the clinic anytime they need medical help ... It will truly be a CITY ON A HILL w/ the LIGHT SHINING SO BRIGHT !!! 

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Kim said...

LOVED the video.. you guys are AMAZING..
I sooo wish I could go over there with you guys one time..
Love ya..

We Are Family said...


Kendra said...

love it. and would love to join in one day soon. :0) good work GOD!!!

Roberta said...

Love love love this video!!!! So inspiring so in awe of all God is doing through 147 million!!

Rebecca said...

Incredible video! LOVED it!
May God bless your ministry!