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Thursday, June 28, 2012

Hidden Camera Moments ...

I think I am going to start documenting things that I call HIDDEN CAMERA MOMENTS ... I will be in the middle of something or someone will say something or my kids will do something and I JUST KNOW THERE IS A HIDDEN CAMERA CAPTURING IT ... so I think I will start documenting these little bleeps in my life ... They may be short or long and I may sometimes have to throw people I love under the bus, but it is too funny not to share ...


OK, so we are in Memphis for the AAU national basketball tournament ... It is as HOT here as it was in HAITI ... It is over 100 degrees and unless I am missing something there is not much to do here ... So after much consideration we resort to going to a MCDONALD'S playland for the littles to get some of their energy out since they are spending a lot of time in cars and gyms ... We finally find one that is not completely packed ... NOW add to the equation that my aunt, uncle, their 2 grandsons and our super fantabulous great grandmother is here (w/ her walker and cane) ... So we trek in and order only to find out once we have sat down that their BATHROOMS are under construction and you are more than welcome to use the PORTA POTTIES outside past the LANE OF DRIVE THRU TRAFFIC AND ACROSS THE PARKING LOT ... and did I mention I have 3 kids w/ the bladder the size of a PEA ... not to mention the smell from the porta potty left NOTHING THE IMAGINATION !!!

well that is adventure number 74 of the this 7 day trip to MEMPHIS ... I will keep you posted ... hee hee ... boys are playing great ... they won their pool play and entered the championship round !!!  There were 96 teams now down to 48 in the country ... PRAYING WE PLAY WELL, HAVE FUN AND ARE TESTIMONY ON THE COURT !!!

I would tell you about the guy thats team was losing and he decided that spouting the F-word in front of my kids and walking on the court during the game would be smart ... I will tell you I told him in NO UNCERTAIN TERMS was he to speak like that in front of my children again ... AND THIS MAMA BEAR DON'T PLAY !!!

love ya !!!

2 kind words.:

Coneymama said...

Adventures of a beautiful lifetime! Glad Mama Bear. Set him straight!

Frankie Muhammad said...

I'm glad you came to Memphis. I live in Memphis. I hope you injoyed the basketball game. I agree you can catch alot of good moments on hidden cameras. Enjoyed the article.