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Saturday, June 30, 2012

Hidden Camera Moment

As much as I love watching Jeremiah play basketball this week has been really rough on me ... Hotel room, nothing to do in Memphis, HOT HOT HOT, driving from gym to gym, the littles sitting in bleachers, and just packing for each game (snacks, drinks, drinks, and more drinks) and definitely making sure all ELECTRONICS are charge (not to mention there is 13 people in our family this trip)  ... It has really worn me out ... So last night sweet Morgan agreed to take all the littles to a movie so Retta and I could go see a comedy ... Well, have I ever told you how directionally dysfunctional I am!!! It is such an understatement and I believe the gps on my car was built in the 1980's - so we accidentally pick a theater that is to far away - got lost - and arrive only to find out that our movie is SOLD OUT ... AFTER WE HAD ALREADY BOUGHT THE LILS TICKETS ... so we must pick another movie ... CAN I JUST SAY THE MOVIE WE PICKED WAS DEPRESSING AND LITERALLY MADE ME CRY ... ( keep thinking WHY ME !!! I just want to laugh) ... The whole movie was just so so so sad and depressing till the last 30 seconds when the whole story turns HOPEFUL ... I seriously needed more than 30 SECONDS !!!

I guess you could look on the bright side and perhaps it gave me a reason to shed a few tears that had built up from the week, but OH BOY I WOULD MUCH RATHER LAUGH ... You see not only has it been crazy here, but you know what a hotel room does to my kids !!! Let me just tell you - Maggie for some reason thinks I am going to be leaving at any moment therefore she holds on to my ARM all day with a KUNG FU grip (saying Mommy I want you), Daisy cries about every 2 seconds if things are NOT COMPLETELY FAIR (and that is the hardest lesson to learn NOTHING IS FAIR) and then Elijah and Emily fight like WWE NON-STOP !!!!  And of course there is sweet Joseph who you have to make sure is not escaping the room to go find the POOL, BASKETBALL COURT or trying to find one of the other player's room ...


I would love to leave you w/ a piece of wisdom, but I am fresh out !!!  hee hee

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Mama D’s Dozen said...

Thanks for keepin' it real.

Sorry it's been a tough week.

:) :) :)

Anonymous said...

Gwen I am Sheila Adkins- the lady with 7 kids -6 adopted -2 thru foster care -1 international & 3 open private adoption with 11 months! My husband coaches M.A.T.T.S. Mustangs! I want to say it was a pleasure to meet you & Scott this past week! Watching you talk with me while glancing to the kids to make sure they were not climbing he rails or wondering off reminded me of myself & our family bout 10 yrs ago! It certainly brought of chasing my 3 babies in hotels & gyms! People often ask how I did it with 3 toddlers the same age! Ya know... I just did it! I really can't remember just exactly how I just did it! I only remember the good times! Guess that's Another one of GODS blessings!

Anonymous said...

For some reason it wouldn't let me also type... I believe in all you are doing! I want to help in some way! Just tell me how! I would even be interested in going on one of your mission trips. Also since all my kids are touched by adoption in some way want to get involved too! I can be reached on Facebook - Sheila Clark Adkins or email Adkinsfamilymail@ aol. I want to present your cause to my church to see IF they want to also get involved! You can read this & delete or choose to post at your discretion! I can't wait to get started. I have already been asked by several about my armband your husband gave me @ the AAU tournament! My children are in the jr National Honor Society! They have to help society in some way We THINK YOURS IS A GREAT WAY & will be submitting for approval! Keep up the hard work!