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Thursday, August 18, 2011


Suzanne and I are THRILLED that 147 Million Orphans will be selling Katie Davis' new book KISSES FROM KATIE that will be released in October ... Stay Tuned for more information on how to pre-order from our site ... THE GREAT THING ABOUT ORDERING FROM US is that 50% of the profits will be given back to AMAZIMA Minisitries ... Please help us spread the great news and direct people to our site for the book ...

I HAVE SO MUCH TO SHARE ABOUT THE BEGINNING OF SCHOOL FOR THE OATSVALL TEAM, but you will have to wait till next week ... I got a little emotional today at Maggie's orientation ... The thought of her going to kindergarten is such a MILESTONE ... So many prayers answered !!!

Daisy is beside herself that we will be going to her orientation tomorrow and she will be wearing her FRA uniform !!!

I am feeling like the new routine will be good for us all and yet I know that I must set some boundaries this school year w/ my phone and computer time from 3pm-9pm ... I am just going to be unavailable to ALL, but my family ... I will have 3 children needing constant supervision on homework, Joseph is in need of more focused time w/ me, and I don't want to miss my ALONE time on the couch at night w/ Jeremiah (he is growing so fast) ... Scott and I will be SAYING NO to more things and YES to at home ... It feels like a new season and I am SOOOO excited about it !!!

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God's Grace said...

Oh I get so excited when I visit your blog! I have no time for anything and have only HALF to do than you! I don't know how you do it Gwen. I can't even find the time to post to my blog anymore...You are amazing. And the team is amazing. And God is amazing :) I can't wait to read Kisses for Kate! God Bless! Terry

Diane and family said...

We are celebrating the same season here at our home!!

Waiting to read Katie's book in the carpool line:-) Another boundary I have set in this "new" season! I don't answer my phone in the carpool line UNLESS it is family! I have never read so many books as I have within the last school, looking forward to hearing Katie speak to me while waiting on the littlest J's:-)

You will LOVE this new season, Gwen!!

mrs.stinnett said...

I cheer you on for focusing on your family!!! God has taught me the same thing this summer - my wheels broke down and he put me on a 40 day fast from my vehicle - he so impressed upon my heart that my ministry and life is to disciple my children - pour myself and His Word into them - have had to say no to alot of things to do this right!!! You Go girl!!! You will get what's BEST instead of what's good!

Anonymous said...

Good for you, getting ready to say no to the world and yes to your family! What an awesome example you are setting for Christian women and mothers all over. It's so easy to look just like the rest of the world as mothers and wives...but we are called to be different in every aspect of our lives on this earth. Thank you for sharing!

Mama D.'s Dozen said...

Great job on setting boundaries. I was just pondering some of this last night. Every year brings a new season ... new needs with individual children ... new priorities.

One of my sons is a Senior this year, and I really want to focus more of my homeschooling energy with him this year. My young ones needed a LOT of me last year, but this year I need to give more to the teens.

Always a balancing act.