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Sunday, May 8, 2011

Sending You A Message In The Wind ...

To the four amazing birth mothers of my children ... I am sending you prayers today and wish there was some way I could tell you how each of them are doing ... I wish I could tell you how they are growing in the Lord ... How Emily is a strong, creative, adorable little girl, who loves to sing and cheer.  How Maggie is over coming the many hurts in her life with the confidence we are instilling in her ... How Joseph gives light to everyone he meets ... How Daisy is understanding what a forever family is ... Each growing into the person God wants them to be ... Each of them telling a story about the Lord to those that see them ... Each of them a survivor in their own way ... My prayer as their mother is that they never stop trying to learn about the Lord and trusting in HIS plan for their life from the moment they took their first breathe ...

May the breeze that comes from a fresh wind shower over my birth mothers the peace from the Lord about their angel.

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Kim said...

Beautiful. Now I need to to and search for some kleenex!
Happy Mothers Day from Hong Kong!