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Friday, April 15, 2011

What IF ???

You were always picked last ??? in class, at school, w/ your friends, at church, or just in life ... How would you feel ??? NOW what if are sitting in a orphanage wondering why you are NEVER picked ??? If you will ever measure up to someone's standards for their family ... Are you too short, not cute enough, not smart enough, not happy enough, to much energy, not thankful enough, can't walk, can't talk, are angry all the time, need lots of medicine, or just simply to old by adoption standards ...

If I have learned one thing about adoption it is that you can't CREATE THIS LIST FOR YOUR CHILD AND WHAT THEY WILL BE LIKE, LOOK LIKE, ACT LIKE, INTELLIGENCE LEVEL OR ANYTHING ELSE ... And why would you - don't we all want what God wants and HE DOESN'T MAKE ANY MISTAKES IN CREATING HIS CHILDREN !!!

I am thankful to the families I have watched be stretched and shine a light on the many children out there that would have been CHOSEN last, yet they saw JESUS in the child/children's faces and MADE THEM FAIMLY !!! You have taught me much !!!

Truth is there are some amazing treasures hidden out there just waiting to be CHOSEN first !!!

Have a blessed weekend !!!

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exmish said...

An Adoption Poem

By Debbie Bodie

I saw you meet your child today
You kissed your baby joyfully
And as you walked away with him
I played pretend you’d chosen me.

I’m happy for the baby, yet
Inside I’m aching miserably
I want to plead as you go by,
“Does no-one want a child of three?”

I saw you meet your child today
In love with her before you met
And as I watched you take her out
I knew it wasn’t my turn yet.

I recognize you from last year!
I knew I’d seen your face before!
But you came for a second babe.
Does no-one want a child of four?

I saw you meet your child today
But this time there was something new
A nurse came in and took MY hand
And then she gave my hand to you.

Can this be true? I’m almost six!
And there are infants here, you see?
But then you kissed me and I knew
The child you picked this time was me.

Polly said...

Amen. We are striving to be open and faithful to what God has in store for our adoption. We are headed to Uganda in June, maybe we could meet up with y'all for coffee :)

Kim said...

Thank you for this. Our youngest biological daughter has some special needs/medical issues, BUT she is JUST PERFECT, adorable, funny, sweet... and when my eyes were opened to waiting children and how SHE would be one of them if SHE were an orphan.. it changed the way we look at adoption completely. Can't wait to get our process started!

Jean said...

LOve what you wrote- so many diamonds in the rough waiting for families to scoop them up! If only other new what incredible treasures are out there waiting!

love said...

yes. this.

may God open eyes and hearts to HIS plan for families.

love you, Gwen.