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Wednesday, April 13, 2011

147 Million Orphans BAREFOOT DAY is HELP to many !!!

As I sit here w/ my water, I am thankful that our "147 BAREFOOT EVENT" last week helped to build a water well in Ethiopia w/ our friends the Alexander's ... 147 will be sending a $1000 for their water project !!! LOCKING ARMS AND MAKING DIFFERENCE ... Plus another 8000 meals given to children in need !!! THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR YOUR SUPPORT OF 147 - loving, helping, and serving together we can show JESUS !!!

If you missed the event or didn't get to order online it isn't to late ... Our spring line is amazing and will definitely bring up a lot of conversations about ORPHANS ... Purchasing your shirt will help a child in need w/ food, water, and medicine ... We would be honored if you would help us spread the word ... You can share our story with others and be a part of the 147 family... Send people to our website and let them read the ABOUT US PAGE and spread the 147 Million Orphans story ... 

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