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Monday, March 21, 2011

Going To Uganda To See Katie ...

I am over the moon excited that Suzanne and I will be going to see Katie in June ... It has been too long since the 3 of us have been together ... We are going to laugh, cry, serve God's children, play w/ Katie's girls (aka ... my nieces), eat chocolate, drink warm COKE LITE, take walks, visit the Karamojong women who make the bead necklaces, and just BE TOGETHER ...

My family thinks of Katie all during our week ... It is funny how she is so far away, yet a part of our daily life ... We watch her example there and do our best to be good stewards here ... We hear her stories and do our best here to share God's heart for the orphan ... and WE PRAY FOR HER !!!

She and the girls are part of our family no matter how far away they are ...  !!!

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Laryssa Herbert said...

Will you all be taking things to her? Can we help?