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Friday, September 10, 2010

A Spark To Start A Flame ...

I have given my children all a symbol ... Just something that represents a character trait that I see shining out of them ... Joseph was given the symbol STRENGTH even before I knew him and boy has he lived up to it ... He has many struggles during the day, especially with communication, but he is never frustrated ... He has so much strength to just push on through ... He is a complete HOOT to be around ... He smiles all day and gives love and hugs so freely ... He makes YOU feel special  ... I can't wait to get his hearing aids ... I can't wait for a whole new world to be opened up to him ... I know he will thrive ... I know he has already got so many hearts wrapped around his little finger that he is sparking a flame for the LORD ... When he mumbles his prayers at night I so long to know to what he is saying, but I take comfort in knowing that God hears, understands, and loves every single bit of the special jargon coming out of that precious mouth  ... I long to affirm his place in our family with not only actions, but with words ... I long to hear him say all that he wants to say and watch people's eyes as they understand him!  What a blessing our sweet boy is to us !!!


8 kind words.:

Mom to 9 Blessings! said...

Happy Birthday Joseph!

May God use your character of strength to be a mighty warrior for His kingdom!

Love and hugs Gwen!


Joe and Melissa said...

happy birthday joseph!
glad he's doing so well!

Andrea said...

Sweet!!! Happy Birthday Joseph!

Andrea said...

Sweet!!! Happy Birthday Joseph!

Shonni said...

His smiles and hugs look absolutely precious.

Kristin said...

That was beautiful!! Happy Birthday Joseph!

Kim said...

I remember that long wait w/ Sam to hear those first words! Trust me when I say, they will sound like you imagine the angels sound like in Heaven.
Happy Birthday Wishes from Hong Kong!

Kim said...

Happy Birthday Joseph..
Tooo cute..
I could use some hugz and kisses from sweet boy..
Love ya Sister..