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Sunday, July 4, 2010

From Uganda to Disney World to National Champions !!

What a world wind week we have had ... I thought it would have been a great reality show to see the past week of our lives ... Getting off the plane from Uganda to packing and heading to Florida for Disney World and the National Tourney for team 147 ...

There are so many highlights from the trip, so I will try and cover a few ... First we have the best families on our 147 team ever ... We have all grown together over this season and with each tournament we have brought so much recognition to the orphan crisis ... This week people asked us about our name (TEAM 147), researched our site and hearts were called to action by those we met ...

After one game we started talking to this other team, whose goal is to glorify the Lord also and a young 12 year old boy asked our dads to pray over him because he was feeling called to be a pastor one day ... Watching our dads lay hands on him and pray for him was a HUGE highlight ... Our Team 147 was definitely the smallest size team there and I felt like most games it was DAVID VS GOLIATH and just like in scripture DAVID WINS ... Most of life is a heart game ... Our boys have such big hearts and they play with a passion ... They have put in many hours on the court to learn the game of basketball, but more than that their families and us as a team have put in time making sure our son's hearts are right and the we understand the true purpose of existing here on earth !!!

The championship game was intense to say the least and it was back and forth the whole game ... We won by 5 pts and we were all screaming, jumping, and dancing around (I almost threw Daisy up in the air I was so excited) ... as we are exiting the gym in walks SHAQ ... He is the biggest man I have ever seen and our boys got a picture made w/ him ... Did I mention we beat his son's team the day before  (another intense game .... Their fans were so much fun to sit beside ... we just went back and forth the entire time and then laughed after the game at who is more intense US or the BOYS playing the game) ...

Now on to Disney World ... What can you say - Joseph / Daisy stayed mesmerized the entire time !!! Retta, Scott, and BooBoo were sweet to take them back to the condo after half a day, so Anna and I could take the 4 bigs ones and enjoy some bigger rides and shows ... Jeremiah finally got a love for roller coasters, Maggie met her favorite princess Ariel, Emily was finally tall enough to ride big girl rides and she loved it !!! Elijah my dare devil wanted everything faster and bigger !!!

 Scott and I agree this was the best vacation we have ever had ... The Oatsvall's,Mayernick's, MacDonald's and Washburn families hung for the day at Disney World and we had a blast ... We were a huge group so we definitely drew some attention and the 147 Million Orphans was represented well ... It is fun to watch people stare at us and wonder !!!!  I can only imagine what they were all thinking especially the way Josie Love and Joseph will just run up to strangers and give the lots of love, jibber jabber, and smile from ear to ear .... lol

There were so many funny "pee in your pants" moments that I won't even try to describe them because they were truly YOU GOTTA BE THERE MOMENTS ... like driving around for 45 minutes trying to find a COLD STONE ice cream, wishing people w/ sour puss faces would just get a life, our neighbors downs stairs threatening us (have you seen how big my husband is ... well when they did let's just say the complaining stopped), watching Joseph every moment of the day, Carol and I doing our ghetto girl dance during the time outs of the championship game, Suzanne and I giggling at Retta counting children every 60 seconds to make sure no one was lost, Mal/Anna sitting in pee/puke/gatorade ???,  and so so so many more !!!!  I can honestly say we laugh all the time together ... We enjoy the chaos and when the stress comes from being a big family we know we are not alone ...

This has truly been a once in a lifetime moment for our family ... Joseph and Daisy home, amazing family vacation, and a National Championship !!!!  Thank You Lord !!!


We finally found COLDSTONE  ... 3 times in seven days !!! hee hee ... Now that is a good week and now time to get back on the wagon !!! Just in case you ever go ...  ask for the FOUNDER'S FAVORITE NO PECANS ADD HEATH ... I guarantee you it will knock your socks off !!!

Daisy doesn't quite realize yet that Josie Love is her bestest friend !!!

This is our cheering section ... The younger siblings on our team ROCK !!! 

 The Oatsvall Brothers on the court together !!! Makes my heart happy !!

See what I mean by David and Goliath !!! You go Michael !!!  These are 11 yr old boys !!

Look at that glowing face !!!

More pictures to come ... My camera got wet on the first day and wouldn't work anymore so I am relying on my girls to give me some pictures ... Have a blessed 4th of July !!! 

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Kim said...

Happy 4th of July..
Looks like an AMAZING time..
You are blessed..
Sooo happy for you ..

Mom to 9 Blessings! said...

What an incredible week Gwen! I can feel your joy and enthusiasm through this post - HOW FUN! PRAISE GOD whom all of these blessings flow!

You were not kidding about David vs Goliath. I met SHAQ the day after he was signed professionally in Florida. Spent the day with him and he is one HUGE guy! There is no denying his hand can wrap around my tiny head! LOL!

Blessings and love,

Mama D.'s Dozen said...

Sounds like you all had a wonderful time. You are BLESSED to have such close friends.

Laurel :)

Alison said...

WOW!!! ! It looks like ya'll had an amazing time! SO fun!! And congrats to the 147 team! That is awesome!! Love the pics

Blessed Mom of Four, Now Five said...

What a blessed trip! Your Mama Come post surely tugs at my heart. I house is hands are full...and then I read that. Hey girl! You rock for Jesus!

Leigh Ann said...

What an awesome time - love all of the pictures! I don't know what I like the most...Jeremiah winning the National Championship...or Maggie with her favorite princess...or Daisy and Josie Love...SO Incredilble!

Tracy said...

WAY TO GO 147 SUPERSTARS!!!!! So proud of you all!!! Can't wait to hear the whole scoop! Setting the bar at the top for J and D's American life! The best is yet to come!! Love you!

Rachelle said...