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Friday, July 9, 2010

Cut The Sleeves Off For Summer ... 147 Million Orphans (dot com)

Who knew this could be so CUTE !!! Suzanne cut off the sleeves of our 147 baseball tee for our trip and we love love love the capped sleeve look and this tee is simply the most comfortable tee around and now it is breezy for summer ... SO GET OUT YOUR SCISSORS AND CUT AWAY ... We have new baseball fall designs coming so no worries on losing your favorite shirt because you can get a new 147 baseball tee in September ... 

8 kind words.:

natali said...

as i'm kinda broke right now (unemployed and full time college student again this fall :D until I graduate in Dec and move to Mali!) i'm hoping and praying that someone will get me the Amazima Ministires/147 million baseball tee for my bday in nov. i hope they will still be around! i sooooo badly want to help you guys and purchase a tee, so wait for me! :))

Treasures Evermore said...

Very cute indeed.


Alison said...

So cute!! Great idea for summer!

Kim said...

I sooooo LOVE these shirts.. I wish I could have all of them..
Can't wait to see the new ones..

Heather said...

If you don't follow this blog, please take a peek

I saw this post and thought of 147 MILLION ORPHANS immediately. I knew that you would raise your hands in the air and scream "AMEN SISTER!" after you read what she says!!

*Overflowing* said...

Very cute indeed :)

Goodness and Mercy Mom said...

Love the shirts with the cap sleeve! And LOVE your fairytale happily ever after by God's design. Amen to your last post!

Thanks for all you do in your obedience to care for orphans. God bless your sweet family.

Much Love,

Laine said...

I just cut my sleeves off this morning and I love it! ;)GREAT idea girlies!