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Saturday, January 16, 2010

Remember I am GLASS 1/2 FULL KIND OF GIRL !!!

OK, so it seems that Maggie will be here till Monday in the hospital ... AAARRRGGGHHHH !! but instead of being all "oh woe is me," I have decided to concentrate my efforts on helping other orphans not as blessed as my child is right now ... I mean we are at one of the best children's hospitals in the world ... My doctor is fabulous and taking all precautions to make sure Maggie will stay infection free ... Yes, hospitals are draining, exhausting, boring, you sit and eat all day,  the shower pressure is terrible, and I jump every time Maggie moves for fear of her falling, but MY CHILD IS WITH ME and she is safe ...

THE CHILDREN OF HAITI NEED US RIGHT NOW .... will be donating 50% of all profits of online sales over the next month to a children's home in Haiti ... SO GUYS AND GALS it is time for some shopping with a PURPOSE .... Wear a shirt about helping orphans around the world and tell everyone you care about them !!!! I want to sell out our inventory and send lots of love and funds to Haiti ...

I could say Haiti has a special place in my heart because of my friend Jamie, who has a daughter from Haiti and her son is still in Haiti, and while this is true because I see sweet Amos's face on a daily basis while praying him home, but the truth is I LOVE ALL ORPHANS and I know someone who has adopted from almost every place in the world ... WE ARE ONE BODY ... There is no THEM AND US ... So when we know of hurt, we must act !!!

So keep the prayers coming for Maggie and let's LOVE on the children of Haiti TODAY !!!

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The Fab 4 said...

Okay, I'll just say it. You're amazing. If anyone has the "right" to sit in a corner, curled up, and shutting out the world, it is you. I just can't imagine what is left of you. You are fully present with your baby girl, you're fully expecting and praying your next 2 littles home, fully engaged in 147/Amazima, and a fully adoring wife and mother. YET, your heart for orphans EVERYWHERE is FULLY evident, too. I'm so stinking honored to have met you because I am CHALLENGED by you. Blessings, friend. May that little angel beside you surprise the pants off of us all with a recovery nothing short of miraculous.

3 Blessings said...

Amen! I am doing 1 comment = 1 Dollar for Haiti at my blog. Check it out if you get a chance.

Still praying for Maggie and so glad she is right where she is with wonderful caring doctors. Cade was in the PICU there this fall and I could not have asked for a better place.

sunny-d said...

wow! That's what I say a lot after I read your blog. :) I'm going off to shop right now. The Spirit is so strong in and through you. You are a complete encouragement. I love your go get 'em with love attitude!!

Mom to 9 Blessings! said...


Praising God the doctors are taking such good care of Maggie!

Praising God for and how God started it knowing it would be used for a time such as this!

Love and blessings,

Kim K. said...

sounds like I need to get busy shopping. I love your big heart, Gwen.

Jim and April said...

i love when you wrote..."WE ARE ONE BODY ... There is no THEM AND US"

amen sista! I love your attitude about maggie's situation! When maggie will be getting out of the hospital on monday, my 10 year old niece will be going in for skull surgery...but like you said...grateful we have such great hospitals for our little ones to go to!

PegS said...

I am encouraged too by your upbeat blogs AND the comments of friends above! Wow! My heart is heavy for Haiti, but full of what God is definitely doing there.

*Overflowing* said...

Praying for your precious, precious family. God is using you in mighty ways!!! HUGS!!! ~stacy

~love said...

oh, gwen, i've felt the exact same way as i spent the last few days in the hospital with our 3 year old.
MY CHILD IS WITH ME and she is safe. amen.

excited to see that you are coming home! praying for you always.
and looking forward to visiting 147 later tonight and passing the word around, too!
blessings, sister!

Carrie said...

Just put your badge on my new blog and let everyone know! Love this and love you!

Kristen said...

Hey Mrs Oatsvall, This is Kristen Pratt. I am a new blogger. I see we are mutual diet coke junkies and lover of kids. I have to boys, Carter and Coleman. Carter has asburgers and coleman has dwarfism so Im trying to get info from other moms. Ive read some of your blog and it seems your doing a great job living life. Ive missed you.