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Saturday, July 11, 2009

Had To Be Shared ...

This is an email I received today and just had to share it ... I promise to have our China Reunion Pictures, new pictures of Joseph, and so much more amazing news from the Oatsvall Team soon ... Enjoy reading and watching God do HIS THING !!!

P.S. T-shirts are sold out !!!! Get ready for the FALL shirt ... It will rock your world !!!

"Hey Gwen I wanted to send you a picture of me wearing the T shirt in Africa holding an Orphan named Love.
Just a little info about Love...
Her story... She lived in a homestead where the oldest person was 5 years old. She was very abused, so much so that she had to have surgery and was in a wheelchair because of the abuse by a man. Last year the team discovered that her homestead had no adults and that she was one of 4 or 5 girls that lived by themselves and their older sister who was 5 at the time was taking care of them.. or trying to. So, through sponsorship and the care point the children were found a GoGo to live on the homestead with them and take care of the girls. A house was built through funds that were raised, and we got to paint the house while we were there. Love is now talking, walking, and eating.. She has come so far, and we want her to make even more progress. Without our team and without the sponsorship of churches and individuals this child would have died and possibly nobody would have even noticed.... but Jesus. Now, she is the ROCK star of our Carepoint, Thwalane. We all love her and are so excited to see her progress. So, of all the precious children we saw while in Swaziland, I wanted to make sure I got a picture of Love. The back of your shirt speaks volumes, and we are honored to be able to speak for those who can not speak for themselves. If you would be so kind as to publish Love's story, we would be so appreciative! A great blog site that has our mission trip documented and the in depth story of Swaziland and our journey with this carepoint is"

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mom 2 many said...

AWESOME!! We serve such an amazing, loving, miracle making God!!! Thanks for sharing the story of Love and the link.

Got my shirt in record time! You Rock!!
Thanks, girl...

Isabella's Mommy and Daddy said...

Love ya sister..

Holly said...

She is NOT forgotten. The LORD knows her name! Praises to HIM!!!

Blessed Mom of 8 said...

I "love" that you shared this story!

How great is OUR GOD!!!

Big hugs and prayers being lifted up for this precious daughter of our KING!

Love you!
Who is busy writing our testimony!

Anonymous said...


(PS I had a good time w/ the Mayernicks and JO this week....we played on the beach...went go carting/putt putting....ate out....etc. I enjoyed getting to know ur kiddo...hehe)


Ondrea Harrison said...

Girly, I know that you are bustin busy with Katie in town, but I am missing you! We gotta get together after Friday and have a big ol' chocolate fest!

Love ya, and thanks for sharing this letter... just another reminder of why we do what we do.

Ondrea Harrison said...

Okay, if this posts twice, I'm sorry....

after Friday night, we have got to get together and have a big old choco fest.... I am missing your crazy self in my life! :)

~love said...

oh gwen you know i LOVE this sweet story. wish i could give my little name-sister a big ol' squeeze!! thank you for sharing!


Jewels of My Heart said...

Thank You Jesus for Love....
for helping her and her sisters.
Oh, Lord, Please open the door for the orphans.... that they will be loved, nurtured, cared for. That they will have shelter, food in their tummies and someone to watch over and protect them. Someone to tuck them in at night and tell them how wonderful they are... what a miracle of You they are.... someone to tell them of Jesus... of Who You are and how You love them.
Jesus, please may the walls of finances and bureaucracy fall down! There are so many of us whose hearts break for the children who have been orphaned... So many of us whose hearts ache to hold their child in their arms, that they will be an orphan no more.... yet the lack of money holds their child hostage. Father I pray that you bring down these walls! That You move mountains and that people see YOU each step of the way to bring these precious children home into their forever families.
Thank YOu Father for MattyJoseph, for his family and for each and every mountain that you have miraculously moved. Thank You for this precious family and how they serve You, share You and glorify You....
Thank You for bringing Matty Joseph home and that You will bring Abagail home one day as well.
Thank You Jesus that You have not forsaken the orphans.... Father God, please bless them.... Thy will be done.
In Jesus Name, Amen

Kim said...

"LOVE" that story! Thanks for sharing. Cannot wait to hear more about your reunion and see the photos of Joseph!
Love & Miss Ya,

Rhonda said...

AWESOME!! Gwen, we've been sick and that's why I never responded to getting together while the boys were at Kamp....flu...yuck! Love catching up with you!