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Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Joining Another Rat Race ...TWITTER

I have just joined twitter ... won't you follow me and allow me to glimpse your daily life ... I am COACHOGIRL ... I have no idea how this thing works, but I jumped in like a CANNONBALL ... Still not doing facebook (that is the total southern girl rebel in me), so if you have invited me as a friend on facebook,  I am not snubbing you, but I just accidently signed in one day and apparently it is like signing in FOR LIFE kinda thing ... Who knows maybe by the time THE BOOK comes out I will join the masses in FACEBOOK, but for now 3 blogs, Katie's moderation for her blog, 3 email accounts, twitter, and 5 kids will be enough ... DID YOU CATCH THAT .. 5 KIDS ... Matty Joseph is part of the family already and he doesn't even know about us ... Praying Abigail shows up soon, but will WAIT on the Lord ... I do love how the LORD just keeps the Oatsvall Team on our toes ..

I have many sweet friends traveling or awaiting travel to pick up their children, so PRAY PRAY PRAY !!!!

16 kind words.:

Isabella's Mommy and Daddy said...

You are 1 busy Momma..
I am on facebook but can't do twitter too.. tooo much for this girl..
I am sooo excited to see Joseph in your arms..
Love ya girly..

Tina said...

You are one busy lady! I still cant figure out how you do it all!

Are These Kids All Yours? said...

Oh yeah, doing facebook, not twitter so sorry....but I love to read your blog! Can't wait to see you flying over to pick up your son!!!!!

Diane said...

I'll guarantee if you add twitter onto your blog, and, your blog commentors read your hysterical tweets(what you share about your day) they will be running to set up their very own, personal, twitter:) Just so they can follow ya'.

So, happy you've joined the Twitter Nation!!! :)

Can't wait for your next LOL comment!

Catherine said...

LOL! You and I are similar. Still not part of Facebook and not tempted in the least. Joined Twitter but haven't tweeted even once. ;o) Just joined for points on the radio station I listen to.

Have fun with your new tweet.

emily said...

Your facebook is my twitter. I was wondering when I got the email that you were following me. I've never tweeted or twitted or whatever you do. I had to draw the line somewhere. :)

I love you!!

Kristin said...

I have been asked to do Twitter but can't figure out when I'd have time!! My blog is already suffering because of Facebook. :-)

Noboyz said...

Hey Gwen, congrats on baby Joseph...
sweet angel....

I do blog, 2 emails, and facebook, although I can't figure out facebook yet... I'm learning... and also a Highschool website...
UGH... and 4 kids and a grandbaby!
and full time job!

LOve the shirts!

Erica said...

WOWIE! So I have a friend who ordered your shirts and well.....something about sizing but I inherited one and saw them first hand and LOVE LOVE LOVE the orange one. With this crazy move I'm so behind the times. Do you still have that one? I NEED it. LOVE LOVE LOVE it. I think I said that already. Anyways....if you do....let me know....size L for this long waisted chicka. :)

I have facebook and I'm on twitter but have no idea what I'm doing so no tweetering from me. Can't wait to hear what God has in store for you!

auntie katie said...

i joined twitter too with the intent of posting prayer requests, and then realized i have no idea what to do with it..
so we will mess around with it together NEXT WEEK!!

haha... maybe you wont have to moderate this one for me though ;)

love you sister!

Kim said...

I had to draw the line w/ twitter but did join facebook after lots of peer pressure! Hopefully it will be helpful in Hong Kong! Love & Miss Ya, Kim

Blessed Mom of 8 said...

We just got our ADOPTED t-shirt yesterday - THANK YOU! Absolutely adorable. Lexi loves it!

We will be sharing it!

Praying for Abigail and Matthew!

Did you read my post where I shared the poem I wonder?

Big hugs and lots of love!

Blessed Mom of 8 said...

Just had to share - my sweet husband emails me this morning - "honey go read happy is with Jesus!" I was so touched that first he wanted me to know and to find out that he too is following Katie's story without me!

Big hugs and lots of prayers for Katie!

Jewels of My Heart said...

lol I too have wanted to see what this Twitter thing is about.... I think the name is cute! heheee
But I refuse to join facebook..... So many from our church are on there and they have water fights and all sorts of fun.... but, I just feel so exposed on that thing so for now I too am refusing to join. lol
I am so excited that soon your Joseph will be home!
God's Speed

The Ferrill's said...

Gwen, I do not even know anything about Twitter or Facebook! I am living in the Stone's all I can do to figure out blogs! ;)
I'm so excited about your Joseph and Abigail! Praying for you and all US other adoptive families!
Ooooohhh...I like that...US adoptive families! ;)

Busy Mama said...

Loved finding you on Twitter!!! Just another way to connect - love ya girl!

WOndered how the book was coming!