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Saturday, April 25, 2009

Come On Out ...

I should have posted this sooner, but it didn't really hit me till this morning that some of my bloggers who live locally might be interested ... I will be sharing our STORY OF ADOPTION, my PASSION FOR THE ORPHANS, and the MINISTRY OF KATIE DAVIS / AMAZIMA at LifePoint Church in Smyrna, TN @2:00 tomorrow Sunday, 26th ... I have a sweet friend Beth, who is totally a servant of the Lord and sees ways to spread His news and called me with the idea to tell people about our amazingly-crazy-blessed life that is full of SAYING YES TO GOD ... We were a part of this bible teaching church for 6 years and just loved it and still call it home (Pat Hood is the pastor and he is on my sidebar ... his blog speaks great TRUTHS) ... When we moved we felt called to a church in our community, but we still go back to Smyrna and still do life with many of their amazing families ... Join us if you can !!!

Side Note .... Kristi Johnson won the raffle and will be getting a sweet special blanket made by my SIL ... I will post her picture w/ the blanket as soon as it gets here ... Thanks to all who participated !!!

There is lots more in my head, but it isn't ready to come out yet ... If you haven't read the KNOCK, KNOCK POST BELOW ... please do !!!

NEW ORPHAN AWARENESS T-SHIRT IS OFF TO THE DESIGNERS .... God has a strong message in this one !!!

Love You All

6 kind words.:

Eight Isn't Enough said...

..."Father God we pray for Gwen as she speaks tomorrow. Give her the words to say...and please allow her voice to be not only heard but
to resinate in the hearts of those you hear. Give tender hearts and giving hearts to everyone who will be listening. Give vision to those who maybe haven't heard about this ministry and show ways that people can help Amazima Ministries. We commit this entire time to you...and we give You all the glory for ever and ever...Amen"

The Ferrill's said...

Oh I wish I could hear you share tomorrow!

I can't wait to see the new shirt!

Praying for yall!

Kristi J said... excited....You're the greatest!! kristi

redmaryjanes said...

I hope that your speech is as impacting as your life has been. Go fire them up girl!

Heather said...

Sure wish I lived closer. I'd be there ready & willing to hear the wonderful God given message that you are going to share. I'll be anxious to hear how everything goes!

andrea said...

ah man i'd be there in a heartbeat if we lived closer!!

love ya gwen!