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Monday, July 2, 2007


Jeremiah took communion for the first time today and the tears just flowed down my face. He accepted Christ as his Savior April 2006. We are attending Strong Tower Bible Church where the children go to service first and worship with their families before being excused to their classes. I love this. I love having praise and worship time with my children. This was the first opportunity for Jeremiah to not be in class and to share this experience with us. My heart sang, jumped, danced, and was overflowed with the fact that my son has a Savior and will one day spend eternity with Him !!!!

Scott always says there is nothing in this world you can take with you to heaven except your children. What gifts they are and how I will rejoice when each one comes to the saving knowledge of Christ. What a glorious day this has been !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Steffie B. said...

I feel your joy, my friend! May God continue to bless and have His hand on your family!


Carrie said...

A rejoicing moment indeed! I can't wait to share in this with Olivia as well. God is cetainly smiling!

jennifer said...

How Exciting! All heaven is rejoicing with you!

Verna said...

That is SO exciting!! Blessings to you all!

Beckyb said...

EXACTLY what we pray for for our children!! Your heart thrills when you see them understanding and then even wanting to learn more about the Christian life - I LOVE it!! SO glad to hear about Jeremiah - there is no greater blessing.

Tina4Hope said...

Rejoicing with you.... how absolutely amazing to experience worship with your boy and the communion... WOW! God is good good good!

Tiffany said...


KKamholz said...

Congratulations. It very much is a blessing to receive the body of Christ inside.

God Bless you all.

lnipper said...

That is wonderful news. :)

Jewels of My Heart said...

Oh, happy day... there are no words to describe the joy your feels when your child asks Jesus into their heart.
So happy for your son and for your family.

Laura said...

What an awesome experience!!!

I'm sure you're busy getting all the last minute things done for your big week-end! Have a great time hanging out with all the China princesses and their families!!!

Ruth said...

Oh I remember when Karly took her first in was our last Sunday in the old auditorium and I cried also. It is one thing that he died for me but how greatful I am that he died for her.

Dori said...


Precious -- just precious!!!

By the way, you have to meet my friend, Robin Warden! She goes to Strong Tower and I write about her on my blog alot. She is the neatest person in the whole world -- at least one of them!!!

By the way, I've tagged you on my blog. Go here:

Have fun at your Reunion!!