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Friday, June 29, 2007


With summer being so busy, I thought I might do a catch up post and tell you about how fabulously blessed we are ....

1. Scott and Jeremiah (A couple more Dads/Sons) did a cookout for a homeless shelter. Scott said it was amazing and Jeremiah has lots of questions, but not to impressed with how much people smoke (hee hee) ... We had a great opportunity to share with him how decisions made affect our lives.

2. This past week we had over 100 visitors at our home. This is truly the House that God built. I love opening my home and enjoy fellowshipping with others.

3. On Emily's actual b-day the new COP (special needs list) came out and there are some of the most precious little ones ever on this list ... We are praying for God's direction as we make our request for them.

4. Jeremiah and Elijah had 6 basketball games. At one point Scott put Elijah on the court with Jeremiah for a few seconds and it just melted my heart. Jeremiah did a fancy dribble over to Elijah and handed him the ball. Elijah of course immediately handed it back to big brother for a shot. LOVE MY MEN!(this is one of my fav old pictures and a picture of Elijah patiently waiting his turn to play)

5. Highlight of the week... Emily and I are looking at pictures on the computer and the conversation goes like this..

Mom: Ya know Emily if anyone asks you where you came from, you can always say Mommy's heart ...

Emily: Not China?

Mom: Yes, you came from China, but also Mommy's heart.

Emily: I miss you when I in China. (Tears Just Flowed and I Thanks My Lord and Savior for this precious child born of my heart)..Picture: This is the moment they handed her to me.

6. Pingjiang Reunion is only 7 days away and I can't wait ... My travel group has become its own little family!!!

7. Scott is building a bamboo fence. He always needs a project going.

9 kind words.:

Leigh Ann said...

Thanks for the update and I love the pictures. Can't wait till we are some of the visitors at Casa Oatsvall! Love and Miss Ya'll.

LaLa said...

AWWW...what a sweet moment. I am sad that we are out of town next we can't crash your party : )

Beckyb said...

The conversation with Emily makes me cry too!! What blessings!! AND you are a blessing too!!! Can't wait to give you ANOTHER Hug in person!!!

nikki said...

Girl, I always get tired just READING your blog. You are such a busy family.

The conversation with Emily was a tear jerker -- what a sweetie pie.

Can't wait till we are all together again in ONE WEEK!!!!

lnipper said...

What a sweet post. I got emotional reading the part about Emily. Breaks my heart knowing there are so many babies with a mommy & daddy

Chrissie said...

Great post. You sure had an action packed and blessed week. I love the story about Emily. I can't wait to see all the pictures from the reunion. All your little china princesses back together again. I wonder who will get theirs pics up first, you probably have a head start since it is at your house. :)


chrissie, if i had to guess i will say steffie will still beat me getting pictures up ... she is like a super hero when it comes to posting.

Steffie B. said...

Can't wait to see you too......can you believe it? ;)

As far as getting pictures will probably be she brings her laptop with her! lol I am NOT bringing mine!

Jewels of My Heart said...

Busy, Busy, Busy fun summer... I loved #5..... How blessed we are with our little miracles...
Have a wonderful reunion.