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Monday, February 12, 2007

We got TPed !!!

I guess the downside to being a popular teacher is that we get TPed about once a year. Scott says he will find out today who did it because if there is one thing teenagers can't do it is keep a secret. The kids had a blast cleaning it all up and I don't think they even realized they were working. Oh and can I just say - I am ready for warm weather. I am over the cold and want to wear flip flops and t-shirts. Have a great day all.

Organizing Pole Results (1)Invest in rubbermaid tubes or baskets (2) Purge toys and clothes as often as you can (3) Train children to pick up each night (4) Turn all hangers in your closet around one way - as you wear something then turn hanger in opposite direction - at the end of 6 months if you haven't turned the hanger around then it is time to get rid of it.

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Beckyb said...

Oh Gwen - that brings back memories - I LOVED TPing in High School - hmmm, maybe I should teach them about Oreoing, Forking.....the list goes on and on!!! AND, I love the idea about the hangers and turning them around - that would be good for us too! Smarty!!


i don't think i have ever heard of Oreoing ??? You may have to enlighten me on that one. I am going to try the hanger organization trick for sure.

Steffie B. said...

Sorry.............NO SYMPATHY from me on the cold weather....why???? Because the cold weather is HERE! I want flip flops first! ;) Have to admit, I'd did some MAJOR TPing in High School! lol

nikki said...

Yep, brings back lots of TPing memories for me too...but oreoing and forking?
Becky must have been a real trouble maker back in the day!

Turning hangers? hmmm...that is a new one! i like it


I think we may all have Becky a little miss pegged ... She was probably the one sneaking out the window late at night also.

Emmie said...

I am guilty of tp-ing! I know, I know! Naughty Girl!