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Friday, January 26, 2007

Tagging Myself

i love the tagging/question stuff, so i have a few of my own ...

1. grey's antamony or 24 - i am both
2. hugger or handshaker - hugger
3. favorite part of your body - wrists / calves
4. favorite verse - joshua 24:15 (it is part of my tattoo)
5. i am a closet ?? - thrower awayer ... i can't stand clutter or useless things (probably because my mom saves everything), so i throw things out weekly .....
6. favorite thing about your hubby - i fit perfectly into his hugs and he always makes me laugh
7. favorite thing about being a mom - morning time, cuddly hugs, holding them when
they cry, listening to their prayers, watching them grow, hearing about their day, and the way they say my name ...
8. worst thing about being a mom - throw-up in my hands
9. favorite movie star - jennifer aniston / paul walker
10. dream car - convertible hummer !!!

just love getting to know you all better and the way our lives are tangling together because of our precious daughters and what they have taught us ....
love, gwen


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