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Monday, January 6, 2014

NEW YEAR … NEW DAY … Doesn't have to be on January 1st !!!

I love how we all run to the NEW YEAR with lots of changes, challenges, and resolutions … We want to be better at something that we are struggling in … I usually dissect it into something with my MIND, BODY, AND SPIRIT … What do I want to improve and challenge myself in, but in reality I start each day with a cup full of GRACE … I don't have to wait for the beginning of a NEW YEAR or a special occasion because I have a heavenly FATHER who renews me each morning and gives me the TOOLS I need to make changes and improvements daily to bring him GLORY, so like you I am making a list of things, but when I fall (and I WILL FALL BIG) in one of those areas this year I won't abandon the WHOLE concept.  I will try again the next day and give it more because I know God has given me what HE NEEDS ME TO HAVE to be the whole person HE wants me to be …

MIND - work on my spelling in all SOCIAL MEDIA (hee hee per Michelle the slave driver)
BODY - Scott and I are both on a transformation program together (with his new job) and loving how we are feeling and how it has connected us (started that last summer)
SPIRIT - I bought two devos that I want to read through and finish the CIRCLE MAKER … I want to take the thoughts that pop in my head that are negative and pray through them so they don't damage my spirit. I am excited to begin saving funds take my children on a 147 serving trip this summer.

I have seen people all over this world that wake up each day wondering about some very scary things - like will I GET TO EAT TODAY … will I BE ABLE TO NURSE MY CHILD … will MY MOTHER LIVE … will THE ELEMENTS BE TO HARSH TODAY … will MY LACK OF EDUCATION DESTITUTE ME … will I SURVIVE TODAY …

Take the start of this new year and remember that Jesus meets you at the beginning of each day … DON'T GIVE UP ON THE CHANGES AND CHALLENGES that he puts in front of you … LISTEN to his truths in scripture not the chattering of the world … The world wants you to give up and the world wants you to feel like a mistake means complete failure and that you should give up … DON'T !!! Go forward with a peace that only comes from him and MAKE A REAL change !!!

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