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Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Surrender and Submit (these are NOT bad words)

Two words that our world doesn't really view in a positive way and yet they are cornerstones to our FAITH .... You must SUBMIT and SURRENDER to the Father ... Otherwise you can't hear his voice and it makes it so hard to understand his word ... YOU NEED HIS VOICE AND HIS WORD to direct you every day ... Things the world says robs you of your individually, self esteem, or power are sometimes the very things that BRING YOU CLOSER TO JESUS ... Isn't our very deepest heart's desire is to be closer to him, know him, and serve him ??? !!!  That requires humbleness, grace, kindness, love, and most importantly SURRENDER and SUBMISSIVENESS !!!

It has taken me many years and still many days it takes me the better part of the day to SURRENDER and SUBMIT to him ... I am one stubborn and selfish girl and yet the moment I just STOP and let him flow through my spirit then I can see more clearly !!! WHEN MY LIFE IS CLEAR then I can feel the peace and joy that the FATHER has for me ... and believe me with the fast pace of changes in my family's life I need that PEACE of the Father's plan for my life ... I need to hear him and submit to those changes ...

What a battle we face daily and if you don't realize you are in a battle then you have ALREADY LOST ... Keep your heart open and know you have a CHOICE to make each day ... by choosing SURRENDER AND SUBMIT then you are setting up your day to glorify the LORD ...

blessings !!!

KID QUOTES ( I may start doing this w/ each blog post ... cause my kids say some really cool, funny, truthful things)

Maggie - "I have decided I am going to ask Jesus into my heart on my birthday cause that will be the best gift ever."

Daisy - "Do all kids have parents like I do?"  (what a long conversation we had on that one)

Elijah - "I did brush my teeth - with my finger."

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