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Friday, August 10, 2012

Maggie Turns 7 !!!

My heart is so full today ... My Mags turned 7 today as a happy little princess, who knows she is loved forever ... There is so much I would like to share, but I wanna protect my sweet girl's story in some areas ... I want you to know God led us to her and intended her to be an Oatsvall and even on the MOST scary days I never doubted his plan ... Maggie has taught me more about the love of God, the redemption of God, the healing of God, and the hope of God more than any other person or situation in my life ... I still get these flutters in my heart when I realize I am her mother ... I could have so easily missed it, but I really was intentional on LISTENING to the Lord during that season (not gonna lie - cause I am not always listening and sometimes I put my hands over my ears and go BLAH BLAH BLAH BLAH - just to tune him out) ... But during that season once Maggie was placed in my arms I was so in need of the SAVIOR to teach me HOW to everything that was needed for her ... I have watched her grow, heal, take steps backwards, blossom, deal with hurts that may never go away, take her first steps to trust people, warrior thru countless surgeries / shots/ needle pokes, stitches, scars, and so much more ... She is a beautiful butterfly and has a huge mission in life to teach people about Jesus and I think she already does that by just walking in a room ...

You know the post below could not be more true ... I am just a woman, wife, mother with so many flaws  and not nearly equipped or educated to face most of the journeys we have faced during our adoptions, but GOD KNOWS WHAT TO DO and HE WILL TEACH YOU IF ONLY YOU WANT TO LISTEN AND FOLLOW ...

My heart wants you to know the blessings and GO !!! I want you to love a child who has NO ONE, but I have also learned that if you are not willing to battle satan for your child and put your selfishness aside then you are not ready and should NOT GO !!!

I have battled and will battle for all my children ...  after all God predestined them before the beginning of time to be mine and whether from my tummy or my heart THEY ARE MINE forever !!!

What is to come ??? No idea ... what else will I learn from my children as they get older ??? I know the journey is far from over ... The healing is still taking place and we are turning the legacy of our family over to the Lord and saying "WE GIVE OURSELVES TO YOU."

We appreciate all your prayers over the years ... Please keep them coming ...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY MY PRECIOUS MAGGIE ... if you haven't seen her gotcha day video it is so worth the time !!!

3 kind words.:

Anonymous said...

I absolutely love your family! ! I love spending time with each of your kids they teach me a lot by just being around them. I believe GOD puts people in our lives for a reason ... I believe he put your family in mine to teach me about him and to work on my patience with children cause one day ill have some of my own to love and teach. He has a plan for us all. Thank you all for being apart of my life! Blessed :)

Diane and family :-) said...

Sweet Maggie!!

So thankful she is on the Team:-)

Kristin said...

I love watching this video. My family is in the process of bringing home an almost 4 year old daughter with CP and are anxious about what that will look like. In fact my husband was asking me last night, what is she never warms up to us while we're in China? I don't know, I guess we'll see! This gives me hope, though!