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Friday, July 13, 2012

Old Mother Hubbard or Super Woman

Isn't it funny how somedays I feel like OLD MOTHER HUBBARD - haggard, tired, defeated, old, and just plain ole beat down ... Then there are others when I feel like SUPER WOMAN - I can get it all done w/ a smile, I feel energized and competent ... I am creative and kind to the kids and my multi-tasking skills are off the charts !!! 

Which one are you today ??? I know my family wishes they had a chart to know which day I am going to be who ... hee hee !!!  MID SUMMER SLUMP OR MID SUMMER DREAM ??? today is a slump, but hoping tomorrow is a dream ... I prefer my SUPER WOMAN costume to my MOTHER HUBBARD moo moo !!! just saying !!!

blessings all !!! 

6 kind words.:

lizzielou said...

So so funny because I can so relate!!!!!!! Love to you and your sweet family!

We Are Family said...

I feel ya!

Margie said...

Oh, I can so relate! Today was a Mother Hubbard day for me. (My Wonder Woman cape was at the cleaners'.) I think some days God needs us to remember we are just clay - those are our Hubbard days.

Behn and Meg said...

Ah yes, I know exactly what you mean! Especially being pregnant- it's either total exhaustion and me being not-so-fun OR I'm in an energy burst, nesting, and giving my son my best, knowing soon he'll have to share me!

So glad that I am loved no matter how I feel from day to day!

Ashley said...

Ha! I totally know what you mean! Today...I've had a mother hubbard start but think I'm feeling more and more like superwoman...maybe. haha :) --Ash

Laine said...

Yep! I hear ya!

Somedays my "shoe" that we live in has toes poking out the end, and somedays I think there is still room for more toes!! ;)