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Sunday, July 29, 2012

Let The Blessings Flow

As things have been crazy around here for the past 10 days (lightening struck our house), I have been reminded how important it is to just say THANK YOU to the LORD ... I am blessed to have a home (even if the air doesn't work and there is some flooding in a couple of rooms) ... I am blessed to have running water and a fridge that has food in it ... You see I can easily go "OH POOR ME," but I am choosing to laugh it off ... My sweet friend Michelle today heytelled me and with a huge giggle said I am leaving for Honduras in 3 days and I will have AC there and you still won't have it here in Brentwood, TN ... You gotta love friends who keep you laughing and understand that even though you may be a little down that you still get how incredibly blessed you are ...

SO LOOK ON THE BRIGHT SIDE NO MATTER WHAT THE SITUATION IT IS ... God is your anchor ... don't let the rope get to long where it takes you a while to get back to him ... KEEP IT SHORT AND STAY CONNECTED TO HIM !!!

blessings friends !!!

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