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Saturday, May 12, 2012

Mother's Day Weekend ... What does it mean to you?

Sunday we will celebrate MOTHER'S, but I will be honest for part of the day I will think about, pray about and cry about all those WHO DON'T HAVE MOTHERS ...

I don't write this to be a downer ... I will look at my children and be so overjoyed at how God has created our family ... BE HUMBLED TO BE CHOSEN TO BE AN ADOPTIVE MOTHER ... I will look at all my children and think back on their births into our family and see the AMAZEMENT of how each has changed me ... BUT there will be a sadness for all those that don't have mothers ... I have never wanted or encouraged anyone to adopt that doesn't feel called by the LORD, but I can honestly say that there are times when I don't get it - the ones who know in their hearts they should and DON'T ... For every mother/father that felt the call and said NO is a  CHILD WITHOUT !!! WITHOUT - love, security, home, family, and many times FOOD, WATER, AND MEDICINE ... they are WITHOUT EVERYTHING ... In many cases they are EVEN WITHOUT the love of Jesus in the place they are (not all, but so many) ... Can you imagine if you were a family that was called and said NO and your child was in a place that didn't teach the love of Jesus ... Can you imagine the despair and hopelessness !!!

God promises to meet the needs of people just like he does the birds of the air and the flowers of the fields and you know how he is going to meet those needs ??? He is going to do it through US !!!  We are the hands and feet ... We are the people WHERE MUCH HAS BEEN GIVEN AND MUCH IS DEMANDED ... I just wanted to paint this picture so there is no mistaking it  - we are many times the MIRACLE that God is sending and if we don't go then what ???

What a joyous honor it is to be a mother !!! It is hard, heartbreaking, miraculous, fun, sweet, precious and just the most amazing job ever !!!


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Rebekah said...

This exact thing has been on my heart and mind all week. There is joy, b/c God brought my children home. Oh how I adore them. And there is sadness that I cannot escape, b/c there are so many parentless children, who need us to fight for bring them home.

Karen Twombly said...

Dear Gwen, I just love your blog! I have read it start to finish! We are in the process of adopting 4 siblings from a Spanish speaking country. They are: 9 year old boy, 7 year old girl, 6 year old girl and 5 year old girl. We have 3 bio children: 14 year old girl, 15 year old boy and 18 year old boy.
I know your time is limited but if you know of good resources to help us with transitioning them from orphanage life to home life, all the while living in America with a different language, I would SO appreciate it!! I likely have about 6 months until we can go to their country for a 3 month period of adaptation before bringing them home!
Thank you!!! This is a DREAM COME TRUE for us!!! Happy Mother's Day and thank you for writing!!!
Karen Twombly

"Are These Kids All Yours?" said...

Totally feel the same.......praying desperately for families to rise up for those who need a family!!!!

Happy Mother's Day Gwen!

sonflowerjax said...

I love that post, Gwen!! I was honestly laying in bed this morning, thinking the same thing. ...It's mother's day, why am I consumed with this sadness for all those who don't have Mothers? Sigh... So SO thankful that God has blessed us with two boys who now DO have a mother! :)