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Thursday, May 31, 2012

5 more sleeps till HAITI ... A dream that is in the WIND waiting to be captured

Well as only God can do ... DRUM ROLE PLEASE ... God has doubled our request of $1000 and given us $2300 for the feeding programs of two ministries we will be traveling to see and serve next week in Haiti ... Thanks so much for joining us !!! We are honored to take your gifts and feed some really sweet amazing children with it ... Can you think of a better way to spend your funds than by feeding children while you spread the LOVE OF CHRIST ...

I am so giddy and still feel like a child when I prepare for a trip to go and SEE God's children ... He wants my eyes and heart open so he can show me WHAT HE HAS for us at 147, WHAT HE HAS for me to share with my church, community and friends, WHAT HE HAS for me to teach my children, and WHAT HE HAS for my heart !!!

It is trips like this that my soul gets refreshed and my mind must process ... I can't just go through the motions like I can here at home on some days ... I am on HIGH ALERT with every smell, every mother, every child, every home, every opportunity to see something new and understand WHY I must come home to tell the story.  It is the story NOT THE NUMBERS that changes us --so that then we can use what God has given us to help change their circumstances ... WE NEED EACH OTHER to fully begin to understand the FATHER'S love and sacrifice on the cross... We bring HOPE to each other ... They may live in poverty, but we also live in a depraved land ... It is deprived of fully relying on him on a daily basis ... We have running water, roof over our heads, food in the pantry, and transportation ... We need reminding of how desperately WE NEED HIM (maybe this is just for me) ... I hunger and thirst for him when I go and come home, but then I admit I can get complacent ... I want to be NEEDY for my savior ...

Thanks for walking w/ us (147 Million Orphans) and helping us to provide a REAL need of food and helping to open the door for My Life Speaks and Respire Haiti to teach them about Jesus ... I know God has something big for us there ... He has been preparing us for a PROJECT ... He has put a treasure of a dream in our hearts and HE is calling us to REBUILD ... Just like in the book of NEHEMIAH ... more to come on this when we return ... As always now I thank Jesus for putting Katie in our lives ... her life, her family, and her ministry is what gave us SIGHT !!!

Please pray for us and for our safety ... As always pray for our families at home ... Our sweet hubbies and the extra hands that come to help are truly AMAZING to let us spread our WINGS for Christ ... (products w/ a purpose) (registered non-profit)

3 kind words.:

Laine said...

Praying, Gwen! I know your heart will be even more broken for the things that break His heart...and I pray the fruit of this trip will be ABUNDANT and OVERFLOWING for His Kingdom!!!!
Godspeed and God Bless!

Amanda said...

What you do is amazing :) God is so great!! I
My hubs and I can't wait to adopt one day!! :) new follower!

Amanda said...

I love what y'all do :) amazing God and an amazing family :) thanks for what you do!! My hubs and I can't wait to adopt one day! New follower :)