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Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Elijah, "What if ... or Would You Rather ... "

This may be his favorite thing to do in the world   ...

What if you had to choose to eat boogers or poop ???

What if you had to die would you rather it be by fire or drowning ???

What if you could be any super hero - who would you be ???

Would you rather be chased by a LION or SHARK ???

Would you rather jump in a vat of blood or stinging bees ???

This list goes on and on, but TODAY'S "WHAT IF" was so sweet and gave my heart a warm fuzzy ...

Elijah, "Mom, What if you could wish for anything in the world and EVERYONE LOVED JESUS and THERE WERE NO ORPHANS in the world."  The fact that he knew my heart and what my first two answers would be just gave me a sweet whisper from the LORD that my Elijah is listening to me share about Jesus and Orphans even when I don't think so ... YEAH !!!  So I wished that NO ONE WOULD EVER BE HUNGRY and he gave me a little rolled eye look and said "Mom, that is not the game." ... hee hee ... He then followed it up with - "MOM, what would be your kid wish." ... So I finally gave in and told him that I would wish for a house THAT HAD A BASKETBALL COURT IN IT AND A  A SUPER COOL PLAYGROUND ... He thought that was really cool and then we both giggled ... It was a rare moment in the car alone ... LOVE THOSE GIFTS !!!

Happy Wednesday !!!

3 kind words.:

Sally said...

I love that he asked you your kid wish :)
so sweet

Jill said...

I love this post. :)

Sarah said...

Love sweet Elijah's tender and fun heart : )