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Thursday, February 9, 2012


Short and Sweet - today you and I will push people off the fence and get them moving !!!  I see opportunities each day to answer a question, challenge someone, or give them the final push to GET MOVING FOR THE LORD ... I used to ignore this opportunities - I was to tired, embarrassed to speak my mind, or I would tell myself it wasn't my business to comment, or I would give the polite answer, BUT NO MORE ... You ask or make a comment/excuse especially about orphans or adoption and I AM ALL OVER IT ... No more letting people off the hook ... It is my duty to give testimony of the LORD's words ... It is my privilege to share what HE has done in my life ... It puts my heart at peace to be honest with others who don't know the JOY OF A LIFE LIVED FOR THE LORD ...

SO DON'T LET AN OPPORTUNITY PASS TODAY TO HELP SOMEONE SEE and reach God's purpose for their life !!!

The truth is very few of us will every truly understand the full purpose that God has for us, but it is SURE FUN TRYING ... I AM A JOYFUL WOMAN !!!

3 kind words.:

Treasures Evermore said...

This...these words so important for me today....this day. I needed it.

Thank you!

Anonymous said...

thanks for sharing your heart and JOY you have for the LORD and all of his children!!!!! Love you !!!!!

Sherry said...

Love this, thank you for sharing, God uses are testimony's to help others and to open their hearts to Gods love.